This book reveals mysteries revealed within the written word in the English language to assist guidance along the path of life.

The author was enlightened by the power of the Holy Spirit, revealing mysteries concerning the coming of God’s Kingdom, as well as guiding lost souls to the Master Lord Jesus Christ!


‘What is really special about my book is that it has a divine influence from God, as he helped me!’ - Jesse.


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ISBN: 1-9206-9974-0
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 164
Genre: Non fiction/religion


Author: Jesse
Imprint: Poseidon Books
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published: December 2003
Language: English



The best way to describe this book, is to take the word, ‘introduction’ as an example, for it equals the ‘D63.’ What is this number you might ask? This number is the divine answer for the word ‘introduction.’ By using a formula known as gematria, the word introduction adds up to the number 63.

     The other interesting thing is that the phrase, ‘The Hidden Key’ adds up to the D63 as well. So is ‘The Hidden Key’ then, ‘The Key of David?’ Because, the amazing thing is, ‘The Key of David’ also adds up to the D63; is this not then, The Hidden Key?

     And for further contemplation the phrase, ‘Secret Magic Key’ also adds up to the D63; this is what it feels like uncovering secrets with words and numbers; revealing the unknown. For example the phrase, ‘The key to secrets’ also equals the D63 and so to do the words “the root to God’ equal this Divine number. And this sums up exactly the meaning of my search…TO SEE THE LIGHT from ‘The Holy Word’ both of which and which equal the D63! 

Importantly, it is these types of coincidences or occurrences, this book will illustrate: guiding you through a concealed doorway to penetrate the heavens and the doors of what lies beyond; leading you to examine the Word in greater detail, and giving you a new understanding concerning numbers within the bible.

     As this book is a guide, to reveal the hidden secrets about “The Kingdom of God!” And below is David’s Secret Magic Key for the Gentiles, otherwise known as the reduced formula of Gematria, and includes the single numbers of the universe (Romans 3:29). 


A Key of David

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
 A  B  C  D   E   F  G  H   I
J   K  L  M  N   O  P  Q   R
S  T   U  V  W  X  Y  Z

           An example on how to use this key:


A Divine Number influences every word, and each number is influenced by the word itself.  So not only does a single word have a Divine Number associated with it, but so do compiled words.

     The spelling of each word influences the word’s numerical value, according to the letters used within the word itself. Take the word ‘Sun’ for example, it equals D9, the reason being, the letters S=1, + U=3 + N=5 total D9. The D denotes a Divine Number, because it comprises the singular numbers of the universe, giving the final clear and precise answer for the word sun using reduced numbers.

     As well, the ‘D’ also denotes it as an English translation number and is not Greek or Hebrew; thereby allowing us to endeavor, to uncover the many words and coincidences which have been concealed within in our own written language.

     This guide will also examine and penetrate the world of these words and numbers, and study in closer detail of these will enlighten you to their many coincidences and occurrences; allowing you to grasp a different point of view, perhaps even changing your perspective when looking at numbers in the future.

       Another thing you’ll notice is with the Scripture references from the NKJV Holy Bible within this book: some have a bold font while the others are a normal font: i.e. (John 3:16) and (John 3:16). The bolder font indicates where the hidden pathway lies in numbered order! Reading all these references in part three (Enlightenment) in sequence means that then, and only then will you receive enlightenment; a true gift from Jesus to you.

     The guide will start by explaining the co-incidences and occurrences with words and numbers, and introduces you to the world of Divine Numbers. Then the guide explores the origins of language and script to investigate the root of these co-incidences. At this point, the guide will explain the co-incidences/occurrences with words and numbers within an examination of the word of God.             

     In the following chapter, the guide will explain oracles and then moves on to describe the significance of time within time. This opening group of chapters makes up Part One of the sacred letters in order to familiarize you with numbers.

     Within Part Two, the guide will reveal secrets of the calling of God; explaining the order of the heavens and the tools of virtue and fighting evil with righteousness. As well, Part Two illustrates how our hearts work with our personalities.

     Chapter Three will explain about names, and how we can have a new name in Christ. The following chapter includes a brief discussion on the secret teaching of all ages; the definition of gematria.

     Importantly, this is followed by, ‘the Secret Key Sequence’ within the bible. Here the 11th chapter (a master number), reveals a mystery to you regarding the Kingdom of God. This introduces you to part three, enlightenment that I mentioned earlier,

     But only by reading in sequence will you have insight to see what is unseen, so I must stress again, initially you must read, Part One, and then Part Two.

Another secret lies within the chapter’s titles. There is a secret, which can be revealed if you persist in unlocking the word within the words!

Part Four, The White Craft, helps you to ask, seek and knock with purpose enabling you to evolve, become and put into practice the keys revealed. What I will reveal to you is, you can always count on God!

 But I must repeat again, if you try to understand this book by skimming pages, you will miss the whole concept of the guide and its miraculous order. The guide is an aid for your brain… to help you absorb knowledge of the hidden mystery, and is outlined in simple ordered steps to steer you to the Kingdom of God!  Following the guide and reading these chapters in sequence will also help you avoid (possibly major) misunderstandings. Thank you....Jesse           




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