This is more than a thrilling love story between Reel, a fallen rock ’n roll angel, and the captivating young earth woman, Jessie. It is a parable of sorry angels crossing from hell to heaven’s gate in wait of judgement day. Where traitors from across the stars seek to enact the coup détat of heaven, stealing earth and destroying all flesh in the process.

Intertwined in this creeps the sinister Lightning Hand who stalks Reel and Jessie’s every move in his bid to take power and control. In the meantime the Lord of the wounded hands strives to reveal truth while rescuing the hounded and distraught couple. His ultimate aim is to expose Lightning Hand’s treacherous plans to bring about a cataclysmic end to all things, as we know it.

Who is Jessie? Where does she come from? Who has given her extraordinary powers, for what purpose? Will Reel and Jessie end up together or will the powers of hell drive them apart forever?

Read this provocative, exciting and touching book to find out answers to questions you never dared ask before. Come visit a universe where all is not what it seems. Where true love has its day in a most unusual way.

Experience for yourself the romance, intrigue and adventure of heaven versus hell enacted upon planet earth. You will be moved in ways you never dreamed possible.

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ISBN: 1-9208-8449-1
Format: A5 Paperback
Number of pages: 112
Genre:  Non fiction




Author: Irene Attwood
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2004
Language: English


  From the author…  

I was born in Kalgoorlie to an Australian mother and a Lativian war refugee father who later became a miner.

     At 11 we moved to Perth where I completed my high schooling at John Forest Senior High School.

     At age 17 I joined the Australian Army. Later I married and had a daughter. We lived in Sydney and travelled for a short time to Asia.

     We divorced and my daughter and I settled back into Perth. I worked some time with young people and drug addicts.

     I now live with my present husband and three teenage sons in the hills area of Perth. I work full-time and enjoy writing, bush walking and poetry.                                                                     

…….Irene Attwood

Chapter One  (part sample)


It was just another night-duty, sussing out pick-ups to deliver damnation, in the hellhole of a club he had been delegated to for the past year or more.  Time meant nothing, just a ticket coming closer to the end of all things.

     ‘Look at me,’ he thought disgustedly. Eons of ages had brought him nothingness.  He was still a nobody: just another fallen rock ’n’ roll angel spitting out his dues on crazy planet earth in two-bit clubs and pubs around a two-bit city in nowhere land. Once he had dreams of becoming an archangel in angel world.  But that turned out to be just deception; easily sucked in then and now!

     He watched the bodies before him motion dreamily like plastic dolls through the twilight smoky haze.  The tinkling of glasses at the bar hovered above the buzzing of voices.  He lounged, dressed in black pants and black shirt blending into the dark corner. Fellow angels invisible to the flesh stalked their prey.

     The band on the tiny stage began to tune their instruments.  Soon it would be his move to collude the flesh to surrender to the stalkers as the music rocked forth its spell. The club was barely half full, so when the group of female flesh made an entrance his attention shot in their direction.  The stalkers froze momentarily, sizing up their potential.  They were young, fresh and appeared untainted by evil.  Though they were dressed seductively and were aware of their impact on the male flesh they were inexperienced in this seamy debauched atmosphere, quickly hiding their innocence at the corner table near him.  The stalkers slithered into position eyeing up the easiest way of weaving the girls into webs of sins.

     Then she entered through the door, the last to follow them. She was small, even petite with long summer-bleached hair that he could see was soft and shiny to touch.  A long purple velvet dress with an embroidered top covered her slender body.  An anklet of bells jangled from her right ankle.  Purple satin slippers sat on her tiny feet.  The face was so sweet.  She smiled at her girlfriends and sunshine shone out.  A feeling of fresh air entered and possessed him immediately; it was like walking out of prison.  As if gliding, she came towards him to take the empty chair at the girls’ table nearest to him.

     He could almost reach out to touch her, to touch her smooth glowing face. The stalkers were almost beside themselves to lurch towards her.  Without thinking he raised his arm over her, claiming possession.  The stalkers snarled at him as if they would tear him piece by piece.  With strength unknown to him he eyeballed them fiercely and stood his ground.  The other girls giggled as they ordered their drinks.  The stalkers backed away surrounding the remaining girls with relish.  The male flesh checked the girls out preparing to select a prospect.

     The band began to play.  Reluctantly he left her and his corner to climb on stage to spin his vibrations of enticement through the flesh and their instruments.  But his eyes travelled over the gyrating bodies on the dance floor, over the dark shapes sitting and swimming beyond.  Where was she?

     He felt her before he saw her on the dance floor.  The sensation of warm bliss hung like jasmine in full bloom in his loins.  The banging of a sanctuary drum exploded within his chest.  He felt weak and almost lost hold of his grip on reality when he saw her begin to dance.  It was extraordinary.  She danced as if her feet had wings yet her body rocked as if before a god.  For a fleeting second he thought she actually materially saw him. ‘If only she could,’ he thought. He tried to cast forbidden imaginings from his being.  She whirled bending and wheeling like music, became a vision.  Slowly a plan evolved within him.  He would pretend to be her stalker between breaks; keep her entranced upon the dance floor while he was at his work.  Then, when the stalkers were at their most distracted, as the crowd grew rowdy and drunken, and the pairing up began its gaming; he would find a place with her, and materialize to her.  Then somehow he would arrange a rendezvous.

     The risks were horrendous, for to fraternise with the enemy as such; to reveal oneself in this vulnerable way was to lay oneself open to banishment in demented oblivion.  No one he knew who’d been exiled as punishment for breaking hell’s rules had ever been seen again.

     But for the first time since the fall from grace he felt alive, new and not so damned alone.  He had to know where that sunshine radiated from.  Why, beams of divine love spilled out of those pussycat eyes?  Even more, why an invisible and refreshing sea flowed from her to him every time he looked at her.   Now it was even more disturbing.  He only had to think of her and desire would well like a flood within him.  ‘This was crazy,’ he thought to himself, but he was alive at long last.

     He churned his way through the music lost in the sway of her body amongst the wooden bodies rocking around her.  The stalkers were having a good night leaving her to make a beeline back to his corner.

      She sat down alone at the table swilling absently the drink in her hand.  Nervously she lit up a cigarette.  He thought for the first time it almost looked obscene, like a child playing innocently in a field of vipers.  Trying to appear nonchalant he flew off the stage and walked steadily towards her never taking his eyes off her.  He could smell the musky sweetness of her perfume as he brushed behind her taking up his usual position.  She was in front of him staring into space as if captivated by a dream.

     Two of her friends came and sat down giggling and chattering like over-excited birds.  Her name.  He heard one of them call her name. Jessie.  He rolled the sound around his tongue.  It swallowed like soft rain into him.  A flesh male came over to her and hung his body like a foul drape above her.   A stalker followed breathing filth upon them.  Then surprisingly, Jessie looked away and stood to walk away out the door.

     Without thinking he rushed to follow.  Outside the laneway was dark and empty.  The air was crisp.  She stood still some six feet from the door.  She lit up a cigarette and breathed both it and the fresh air deeply.

     “You shouldn’t be here Jessie.”  He’d done it now, materialized and was speaking to her.

     She looked aghast.  “I didn’t know anyone was here.  You frightened me.  Why shouldn’t I be here?  You’re here.  And how do you know my name?”

     Her voice sounded like a silver dove.  If only he could hear her sing.  No this was more than he dared hope for.  Hope?  He laughed silently.  Hope was a word he never believed he would use for himself.  She caressed him with her wide-open feral stare.  Then she grinned sunshine and laughed unaffectedly.

     “Who are you?  You look familiar.  Are you a member of the band?”

     Dangerously he replied, “My name is Ariel.  They call me Reel.   You could say I’m part of the band more like their manager.  I saw you come in with your friend’s…  saw you dance…would you meet me tomorrow in the park around the corner?  The garden there is just out of this world.”

     He could have kicked himself for sounding so adolescent, so eager and so foolish.

     She embraced him with her eyeing him up and down.  Then with her head tilted exquisitely to one side she answered.  He sucked in deep and held himself like a stone in fear of what she would say.

     “Sure.  Why not?  Say midday at the gate, Reel.  Come inside and dance with me.”

     Both elated in the acceptance and disappointment at not being able to follow his heart’s desire to dance with her he stuttered, “I err.  Thankyou.  Yes I will meet you tomorrow at the park.  Midday.  At the gate, the entrance gate, but I have to go now Jessie.” With that he vanished as she turned to stub out her cigarette. 




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