Important information for prospective authors.

Poseidon Books is pleased to present a special author friendly publishing service.  If you want to get your book 'out there' without fuss and bother, this is your answer.  Our Express Publishing option will get your book out for you within six weeks.  All you have to do is follow the guidelines below and you're on the road to being a published author.  It couldn't be easier.

This service includes trade paperback  formatting of your manuscript, ISBN numbers and bar codes, special discounts for authors, one-on-one author support, inclusion in our online bookstore, and promotional assistance and advice to help you get your book out there.

Copy editing.

This is one of the most important steps in the process of book publication.
This process involves checking the spelling, grammar and punctuation of the document and ensures that the final text is well presented and free from errors. Your manuscript must be submitted to us edited to your best ability. Talk to us if you want to explore a comprehensive edit.

ISBN registration

Books that are to be offered for sale in bookshops will require an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) which will be printed on the imprint page and on the cover. This number is supplied by us.

Cover design

We design your cover using the information you send to us on the cover art form.  The cover is created by our in house graphic artists, or you can supply the elements yourself.

Bibliographic registration

This is the process of registering a book with the various bibliographic bodies. 

Australian Library Copyright Registration

Publishers in Australia are required by law to send one copy of your book to the National  Library.  

Publicity and Sales 

After we register the book with databases in Australia, the information will appear in a publication called "The Bookseller" which contains a list of all newly published books, this publication is widely read amongst all bookstores. In addition it will be added to a list called "Books In Print" which is circulated to most bookstores. Your book will be listed on US and UK databases and available from Amazon and other on line stores overseas. Your books will be produced on demand as they are ordered from our printer/distributor.

We have prepared a special marketing planner for you to download in pdf- click here to download it.



 includes the following:

  • A  paperback book printed in black ink with a full-colour cover. 

  • Conversion of your Microsoft Word files to typesetting files. Other word processor formats are acceptable pending review by us. 

  • Formatting and pre-press preparation.

  • Professional Cover Design.

  • Page proofs emailed to you as PDF files.

  • ISBN number - a number unique to your book (needed by bookstores to order books from the wholesaler).

  • Barcode required by most bookstores in order to shelve your book.

  • Copyright registration in your name in the Australian National Library.

  • 20% net royalty on all sales of your book, excluding author purchases.

  • 1 book sent to the Australian National Library.

  • Full Distribution Worldwide.

  • Listing of your book on all major databases.

  • 5 copies of your book delivered to you.

  • Your book will be made available to bookstores and retail internet sales for the duration of your agreement.

  • Your own page on the Poseidon Books website, including secure Internet sales.

  • Placement on Amazon.

  • Assistance with marketing your book.

  • Twice yearly sales report.

  • A special discount price of 40% for any extra copies we supply to you.

  • This package price is for books up to 50,000 words. For extra pages and photos inclusion, let us know so we can discuss any extra costs with you.

  • For authors outside Australia, your book is placed on overseas databases for local printing and distribution in the USA, UK and Europe and availability on Amazon. 

Ask us about the cost of this plan.




Our unique service to authors combines the power of new technologies with the virtues of the traditional publishing model. The author/editor relationship has always been fundamental to high-quality publishing. We know no amount of automation can replace the person-to-person communication that is essential to turn a good manuscript into an excellent book.

Contact us for further information and for a copy of the agreement.   To submit your material for evaluation, you may either email it as an attachment in Word, RTF, PDF or Lotus WP.  You can also post it to us at: Poseidon Books, P.O. Box 2554, Burleigh MDC  Qld.  4220  Australia.



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