Frequently Asked Questions

          Below are frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Poseidon Books service and publishing packages.

          What are 'second publishing rights?'

          What are 'non-transferable rights?'

          How is the retail price of my book determined?

          Can I include photographs in my book?

          How many images can I include in my book?

          How long does it take before my book is available for sale?

         What about sales to bookstores? Do you supply them or do I have to buy the books first?

          What kinds of books do you publish?

          How do I get paid?

          Do you need an ABN number?

         What will my finished book look like?

          What if my book has already been published elsewhere?

          Do you edit my manuscript before publishing it?

          I already have an ISBN. Can you use it for my book?

          Can I submit my books layout myself?

          Can I design my own cover?

          What is a 'graphic' or 'illustration?'

          I'm sending images to be included in my book. What format do you need them to be?

          Can you scan my photos or pictures for me?

          How should I submit my files?

          Can I get extra books at a discount if I need them?

          Can I embed images in my manuscript?

          Can I use colour images in my book?

        Have Another Question?

          If you have a question that was not addressed within this FAQ page, please contact us with your question. 

          We will reply as quickly as possible with an answer to your question.


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