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ISBN: 978-1-921919-75-6
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 265
Genre:  Poetry

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Author: Ashley Byrnes
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2012
Language: English



Hi my name is Ashley! And itís truly a pleasure to meet YOU!

Such a pleasure, to once AGAIN! Reach within, my life ní TIMES!

Searching, my heart ní SOUL! Unfolding, the depth of ME!

The living breathing life, WITHIN! Providing you with, POETRY!

Filled with love ní lust, passion ní ROMANCE! A journey throughout our, LIVES!

Everything, Iíve lived ní DREAMED! Everything Iíve loved ní lost ní HELD!

But still wanting more of you, in my LIFE! As Iím reaching out, to YOU!

Wanting, it ALL! Wanting, to be LOVED! Still believing in you ní I!

Still searching, wanting, the touch ní feel of YOU! And thatís for SURE!

Knowing itís what makes the world go around, my words ní all its feelings of LOVE!

Yeah, LOVE! Thatís what Iím talking, ABOUT!

Everything that lines my mind, unfolds my LIFE! Extends our, LIVES!

Embracing my heart, luring my EYES! Fuelling all our, DREAMS!

Influencing my thoughts, my SPEECH! My deepest, NEEDS!

Bringing each and every one of us, to our KNEES!

Looking up and asking for, MORE! And as it, SHOULD!

Because love is the key, to all our NEEDS! To all our, DREAMS!

Hoping you have enjoyed reading From Me to You

Which is my fourth poetry/prose book, which began with;

 Through the Eyes of Words, Raw Emotion and Confessions from the Heart.

Much love to you ní YOURS! And always remember...?

To always dream, and to always dream BIG!



A Moment


In a moment of TIME,

There holds a lifetime of MOMENTS,

And in a lifetime of MOMENTS,

There holds a moment, in TIME!

Many People will walk in & out of your LIFE!

But only some, PEOPLE!

No matter how far and wide, APART!

Will leave FOOTPRINTS! In your HEART!


That you will hold and lock, inside FOREVER!

Hoping I will be part, of those FOOTPRINTS!




Loving, LIFE! And loving, YOU!

Are as, ONE! Itís a concept within, ITSELF!

And you are the, IMPRESSION! I... SEE!

The picture, THROUGHOUT!

The thoughts I, THINK! The words I, SPEAK!

And every, WISH! Upon my, LIPS!

That belongs to, ME!

The rhythm of my, HEART! Beating, WITHIN!

Every, NEED! Screaming, DEEP!

And you truly, ARE! Every, EMOTION!

Iím feeling, INSIDE!




The depth of, LOVE!

I seek ní see in, YOU ní I!

The lure of, YOU! The way, it makes me FEEL!

All the pleasure, you BRING! Creating, LOVE!

Every emotion, youíre drawing from ME!

Feelings, evolving ETERNALLY!

Did I, MENTION? Youíre, everything I NEED!

Everything, everlasting; throughout my life ní TIME!

By your, SIDE!

Your essence, surrounding ME!

The need, of YOU! Drowning me, INSIDE!

Keeping me, AROUND! Loving you, TONIGHT!

All the desire, I breathe ní FOUND! Understand, in YOU!

Passion, burning DEEP! Inside, of ME!

All the understanding, you provide ní PROVOKE! In, ME!

Itís everything, Iíve found in YOU!

Everything, I love about YOU!

A new outlook on life

Will reveal a whole new life

Bringing change to your life, with just one single thought

That single thought, can and will change your life forever

As is the simple act of surrendering to self

And to another, based on love

Which will bring, a change of heart

A change of sight, a change throughout

Which will, produce a flow of life

Directing your soul, and enlarging your heart

Therefore enabling a leap of faith

Through one, single thought

Which will change, our lives forever

So what are you waiting for?


Somebodyís Reason to Smile


Would you, could you,

Will you, wonít you,

Maybe, why not, tell me,

Please, would you, could you,

Help me, show me, and guide me,

Teach me, lead me, and surround me,

Corrupt me, control me, and entice me,

Hold me, kiss me, and breathe me,

Follow me, enjoy me, and satisfy me,

Compel me, direct me, and enrich me,

Nurture me, involve me, and behold me,

Because itís not that hard to do,

Just give it a go, youíll see, youíll understand,

Youíll be surprised, youíll agree, youíll believe,

And all I ask, at the end of the day,

Is please, just, touch me, embrace me,

Hold me ní love me, and inspire me,

But most of all, could you please,

Just help me, create my SMILE!




To all the lonely hearts ní tears out there, walking in the WORLD!

Standing alone, bleeding LONELY! Falling fast, losing GROUND!

Longing ní wishing, dreaming of LOVE! Longing ní wishing, believing in LOVE!

Just wanting to be held ní seen, ADMIRED! Loved, AGAIN!

So here I am, trying to explaining it all, expanding your LIVES!

Wanting, you to have all the feelings I have ní DESIRE!

The sense of need ní want, trust ní PLEASURE! Becoming, WHOLE!

Everything above, everything Iím shouting out, writing for YOU!

Writing it all down, painting a PICTURE! For you ní I!

For those in, NEED! Needing, LOVE! Needing a brand new, LIFE!

Lining it up with the, UNIVERSE! Creating a brand new life, for YOU!

Through my words ní poetry, PROSE! Unfolding all my, LOVE!

Expanding your, MIND! Stretching your, IMAGINATION!

Designing, PARADISE! Allowing the ocean blue, to surround your LIFE!

Instead of, TEARS! And a bleeding, HEART! Falling, APART!

Helping you to climb back, to the top of your WORLD!

Looking down again, instead of looking UP! Because Iíve been miss ní YOU!

So has the, WORLD! Because youíre part of, IT! Every bit as much, as ME!

Born to live ní BREATHE! Equal, to those calling themselves kings ní QUEENS!

Movie stars ní TV personalities, sporting HEROES! Etc, Etc,

Especially the heretics, religious, lying FRAUDS! Itís not what we need in this, WORLD!

Because with all that they call, ROYALTY! Man ní woman, above the REST!

Thinking theyíre making a, DIFFERENCE! But making no, SENSE!

Missing the mark, many miles apart, from what we really need, yeah LOVE!

So here I am, doing my part for YOU! Hoping youíll, LIKE!

Hoping youíll understand my heart ní SOUL! Because my journey was the same as YOU!

Born from the ground, UP! Crying tears, fighting to SURVIVE!

Alcohol ní violence, at the forefront of my childhood LIFE!

Now Iím writing about my, LIFE! From my inner, CORE! Exploring, DEEP!

Unfolding it through, LOVE! As Iím taking my sons on a journey, with ME!

Loving the ride, exploring my demons, escaping it all, through my words ní POETRY!

Memories, freeing my SOUL! Hoping itíll do the same for, YOU!

Walking; on ní beyond the life Iíve lived ní seen ní BREATHED!

Wanting to take you along with, ME! So please take my hand, and follow ME!

Taking you to a place called, LOVE! So please, breathe it IN!

Living your, LIFE! Laughing, ALOT! Loving, FOREVER!

Knowing; if you donít risk anything, or take a chance in LIFE!

You risk even more, by never taking that RISK! And denying the chance, of a LIFETIME!

The moment when destiny, is about to say HELLO!

Placing a path beneath your feet, and tells you to walk this WAY!


Living out My Dreams


This story ní poem is for me ní YOU! For you ní I, ETERNITY!

Lost ní DREAMS! Holding, HANDS! Living out my dreams, with YOU!

Holding on to, YOU! Being right where, I wanna BE! Right here, with YOU!

Right on the, MARK! Living in love, with you TONIGHT!

Opening your, EYES! Entering, IN! Opening up your, WORLD!

Breathing with you, AGAIN! Receiving all your love, FOREVER!

Living, dying with YOU! Owning your life ní LOVE!

Living with you ní ME! Living and dreaming, throughout our LIVES!

Alive with you, TONIGHT! Receiving all your life ní NEEDS!

Storing them away, for later DAYS! For when weíre both in, NEED!

A story, poemís to be told ní SOLD! Stories Iíve lived ní breathed, written DOWN!

Poetry ní tales, designed ní DESCRIBED! Scribbled down on, PAPER!

To help you, DREAM! Scream ní laugh, even CRY! Remembering, LOVE!

Every detail, within your life ní MIND! Everything weíve lived ní walked through, LIFE!

Upís ní downs, HURTS! Breaking me, DOWN! Healing you ní I!

This is from me to, YOU! The life, Iíve lived ní WALKED! The life, Iíve DREAMED!

Everything Iíve bled ní SCREAMED! Lost ní GAINED! Cried ní SMILED!

The pictures, Iíve SEEN! Every picture Iíve, TAKEN! Are ready, SMILE! Click,

Every scene, Iíve LIVED! And dreamed, UPON! Lock away, holding for LIFE!

Everything to get to this point, in my LIFE! Everything was,

you ní I!

The answer to all my, NEEDS! Every answer, to all my DREAMS!

Every dream, Iíve been dreaming, unfolding EXPLORING!

Hoping ní BELIEVING! Expanding THOUGHTS! Seeing, YOU! Wanting, YOU!

The smile, I SEE! The smile, I NEED! The face that holds it, BRIGHT!

Those eyes, are drive ní me WILD! Lined, with DIAMONDS! Shining, BRIGHT!

Expanding, THOUGHTS! Reflecting you ní I! Unfolding, LOVE! Drawing me, NEAR!

A spark of you ní LOVE! Enticing, ME! Creating, LIFE! Breathing ecstasy ní FANTASY!

Believing in you ní I! In love, TONIGHT! Believing in everything, in BETWEEN!

Everything, joining our LIVES! Connecting our, MINDS! Receiving your, EYES!

Looking into, MINE! Opening my, MOUTH! Asking you, for your LOVE! TONIGHT!

Ask ní you, for the very air you BREATHE! The essence of your, LIFE!

Every tear, in your EYES! Every tear, you CRY! I wanna, HOLD!

Holding you, NEAR! Keeping you, SAFE! Touching your, LIFE! Moving, MINE!

The joy, you BRING! The life you, BREATHE!





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