Composed as a series of vignettes, Harnessing The   Alchemist Within encompasses a gentle, easy approach to spiritual philosophy.  

Written for the  everyday person, the vignettes are  encouraging and inspirational for those reflecting on life from the inner perspective. They promote comfort and serenity and may be useful as part of daily  meditation. 

Harnessing The Alchemist Within is not an exhaustive piece. It addresses valuable and deep  concerns which many people on a more spiritual pathway today wish to consider and embrace.  

In this, it is simply written, yet its profound content cannot be overlooked.

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ISBN: 978-1-921574-86-3    Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 114
Genre:  Non Fiction

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Author: Colleen Anne Smith
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2010
Language: English



Colleen Anne Smith (B.A., Dip. Ed.,Dip. Hom., Dip. Herb.) has spent many years as a teacher- not only of high school students, but also as a teacher of spiritual philosophy. Her interest in metaphysical reality began with her study of Homeopathy in the1980's.  

As a practitioner of Homeopathy, she wrote Homeopathy The Healer, an introductory primer for those beginning treatment in this alternative field of healing. Her dedication to promoting holistic health led her into other fields such as Herbalism, Reflexology and metaphysical healing.

As her experience in the healing arts widened, her understanding of spiritual philosophy deepened enhancing her awareness of spiritual connections beyond the material world.

Harnessing The Alchemist Within is the product of over twenty five years of growth along a spiritual pathway which continues to evolve into greater awareness of Soul centered living.

Read some samples:

The Voice Of The Alchemist


This is your voice –the You as you really are!

So often you sense within

The deeper murmurs of your heart -

Those soft words which rise gently and quietly

From somewhere not quite tangible,

But real, nevertheless.

Words of guidance, patience, trust, courage, love -

Words coloured by an energy which you know

To be beyond your physical senses.


This energy of a metaphysical nature

You might call “Soul” or “Higher Self”.

Either way, when this part of you speaks,

There is a sense of Truth and Knowingness

Which cannot be ignored.


You feel its persuasion and strength.

If you listen, you know

The rightness of its directives.

Follow and all seems to flow -

Easily, without confusion.


This is your Alchemist -

Your own pool of ancient and modern wisdom -

There for you to drink from at will.


It knows neither structure nor barrier.

It is free and exists without condition.

Its purpose is to give life and richness -

To all you do and all you are.


Like a magical transformer,

It touches upon your thoughts and feelings

And somehow raises them to another level.


It is the Enlightener -

The Giver of sweetness to nourish and elevate;

To bring into reality

The magnificence of the Divine enfleshed -

Consciously and totally.


Yes—The Alchemist -

The Preserver of all Possibility,

The Creator of all Experience -

Which promote the evolution

Of the human self

Into the Greater Self of true awakening -


The Essential Self.


Harnessing The Alchemist



Gazing out across the twilight ocean,

Absorbed in the lilac beauty of the sunset,

What is it that you relax into?

In the stillness of the day’s end,

All is quieted within you too -

Even for this brief moment of wonder and peace.


What a marvellous feeling to be one with nature

In such an instant!

How amazing it is to feel all chaos dissolve away

- Albeit fleetingly -

To be fully awakened to the majesty you behold!


This is quiet surrender to your Soul -

The opening for The Alchemist

To be mindfully present

As your awareness changes from the immediate

To the reflective.


You will never forget the magic of sunset,

Or sunrise, or the silence of night -

When your Soul touches upon the experience,

Blending you in the now with the more ethereal.



At another time you will seek the same again -

Questing for the sated feeling

That The Alchemist

Is able to create and hold for you.


In that you will make way for Its handiwork

And harness Its power.


So, be still; reflect; experience.

Seek serenity, kindness and joy.

Allow your mind to absorb goodness in all its forms.

It will respond with calming thoughts,

Gentle motivations and wholesome understandings

Of the world in which you live.


And The Alchemist will deliver to you

The knowing that All is Well -

In spite of whatever else.


In the pages to follow

Find thoughts which The Alchemist within

Can shape for you alone

So that you are able to be alchemised -

From one in isolation and disconnectedness

To one who is intricately and wholly

Blended consciously

With the Will of the Universe-

Being genuinely at One with All There Is.



The Alchemist Speaks...


“Seeker of Truth….”

It whispered to me in my stillness.


“You are the brave warrior,

Daring to confront

The unknown mystery of life itself.

Who knows what You will find

Within the cavernous spaces

Of Your mind, Your heart, Your soul?


“Gathering strength, Seeker of Truth,

You embark on the journey,

Armed with only the knowledge

Of what has gone before,

Clutching the desire to find what is still unknown.

Your breath of determination drawn in,

With readiness,

You cast caution and hesitation

Into the wildness of the void of ignorance.


“And what, Seeker of Truth,

Do You think You will find there?

What will You, Valiant One, bring to Light?



“Simply the Truth –


“That all which You thought

Was so elusive and foreign,

Is hidden inside of Yourself,

Lying in latent hope of discovery –




“By thus journeying with courage

Into the unfathomable depths of the Inner Man,

There, in the stillness of Silence,

The Ancient Self waits for an audience.

This timeless Oracle carries the message of Truth –

Translating the intent of the Divine Self

Into the desires and impulses of the Human Heart.


“So listen carefully and be not afraid.

The subtle stirrings of the Beyond

Will lighten the weight of Life

Bringing optimism and even joy from the Soul.


“Therein lies the reason for earthly existence.

Therein lies the motivation to persist.

Therein lies the completion You Seek.”




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