An untold number of centuries ago, someone made a commitment by saying, “let us make man in our image and likeness”. The “someone” was God.
This story becomes the concept to arouse human beings’ thoughts to an extraordinary, and audacious theme, about the “beginning”. Genesis becomes the new birth of the human race. Like the alphabet “A” is the beginning so “Z” is the end. Twenty six letters complete the series. A common fact, all realize, because it gives intelligence to text.

“Genesis” we are not familiar with. It became a recorded event obviously for the benefit of the Human species.
All individuals will conclude, that thoughts play a very important part in human beings’ lives. As you all have freedom of thoughts, you are able to start things, or stop things.


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Author: George A. Bagley
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published: October 2003
Language: English


About the author  


George Bagley was born in Yorkshire, England, in the year 1924. He left school at the age of fourteen and commenced working until joining the British Army serving in India and Burma. He finally returned to England after serving with the Graves Unit, in Mandalay. 

On returning to civilian life, George undertook many classes of work, from Machine Shop capacity: Fireman on Passenger Steam locomotives and Centre Lathe Turning. 

In 1964 he emigrated to Australia with his family, which brought success in areas never thought of.  Today he lives in Queensland.




Chapter 1 (Part Sample)


An  untold  number  of  centuries  ago, someone  made  a  commitment  by  saying,  “let  us make  man   in  our  image  and  likeness”.  The  “someone”  was  God. Commitment  of  that  instance,  becomes  the  twenty-first  century  Human  Being.      

This  story  becomes  the  concept  to  arouse  human  beings’  thoughts  to  an  extraordinary,  and  audacious  theme,  about  the  “beginning”.  Genesis  becomes  the  new  birth  of  the  human  race.  Like  the  alphabet  “A”  is  the  beginning so  “Z”  is  the  end.  Twenty  six  letters  complete  the  series.  A  common  fact,  all  realize, because  it  gives  intelligence  to  text. “Genesis”  we  are  not  familiar  with.  It  became  a  recorded  event  obviously  for  the  benefit  of  the  Human  species. Working  out  the  century  that  corresponded   truly  to  this  period, obviously  becomes  a  difficult  decision  for  the  beneficiaries  of  the  event,  to  establish.   

It  would  be  very  difficult,  from  our  source  of  knowledge,  to  know  the  precise  date  “the  beginning”,  occurred.  

Questions  ask…  What  is  being  stated,  by  saying  “the  beginning”?

“Genesis”  is  positioning   a  period  of  time.  A  time,  change  was  implemented.

Something  people  had  no  previous  understanding  of, or  contact  with.   

Contact  that  would  propel  the  Human  race,  to  the  highest  level  of  knowledge  and  understanding.

Readers  will  become  well  aware  that  this  story  emphasizes,  that  nothing  takes  place  without  a  “thought”  to  the “image”.  This  becomes  the  means  for   “Genesis”.         

In  our  reading  of  “Genesis”  we  are  receiving  information  that  “God’  has  made  a  decision,  to  make  “man”  in  the  “image  and  likeness”  of  himself.   

Understanding  clearly  what  is  being  stated  by  this  announcement;  gives  the  Human  Being  connection  to  “God”.

To  make  this  decision,  involves  a  “thought”  being  forwarded  to  “God’s  brain”,  so  that  this  decision  can  be  fulfilled. 

Having  the  decision  accomplished,  places  “image  and  likeness” equal  to “God”.  Whatever  interpretations   can  be  placed  on  “image  and  likeness”  has  to  be  extremely  important,  for  the  “beginning”.  The  “meaning”  of  these  two  words  will  be  realized,  as we  progress through  this  story.

 The  very  popular  “Bible”  makes  known  to  all  its  readers  that  a  birth  took  place.

A  point  in  time  when  the  first  book  of  Moses  “Genesis”  begins  the  task  of  presenting  to  people,  the  most  important  declaration  of  that  century.

Affirmation  that  “God”  is  positioned  on  earth.  This  becomes  easy  to  realize,  by  the  fact;  God  is  declaring  to  make  “man”  in  his  own  “Image  and  Likeness”.




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