Well known psychologist and life coach Sallie Gardner has written this program for students, those making the transition from secondary school and people upgrading their qualifications, re-entering the workforce or taking a Sea Change. You can expect to enrich and improve aspects of daily living, including study, making good relationships better or strengthening work performance.

This self-help program will assist you to attain positive, realistic, workable goals and to achieve lasting success. Using a solution focus model, you will be directed towards contributing positively to your physical health and well being, your thoughts, cognitions and emotional awareness and ultimately to achieving mastery of a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

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ISBN: 1-9208-8448-3
Format: A5 Paperback
Number of pages: 190
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Author: Sallie Gardner 
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published: 2004
Language: English


“Thank you so much for this coaching program. My confidence has increased greatly as a result and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead”.

Pamella Ellis. Year 12 student preparing to enter university.

Thank you for introducing me to the exciting world of coaching…one which I intend to stay with for a long time. It helped me to formulate my next steps. Thanks also for your encouragement, coach…the road ahead now seems so much clearer!!”

Vanessa Miller. Re-entering the workforce.

The coaching program was so inspirational, with practical tools and strategies, that I found it worked for me as well as my son, enabling us both to make new meaning and choices about career and other issues in these times of uncertainty”.

Paula Douglas. Mother of student enrolled in coaching program.


About the Author 

Sallie Gardner is an experienced coaching psychologist and inspirational training facilitator. She has spent many years as a psychologist in schools and in private practice, after brief careers in HR, health education and teaching. 

Having worked with young people who were stressed, suffering from family and relationship conflict or who had inadequate social skills, and those seeking career guidance, Sallie developed a six week coaching program for secondary and tertiary students in transition. 

She has also collaborated in recent research with a colleague from Queensland University of Technology to provide evidence that her coaching programs are successful. The evidence, currently in publication, points to enhanced well-being and coping skills among those teenagers who engaged in her coaching and research programs. 

She wrote this book to enable more young people who are at the point of transition, to take control over the process through engaging in self-directed coaching. 

Sallie has had numerous articles published in a variety of journals, magazines and professional publications. Materials presented by her at national conferences and seminars she has conducted is published on the world wide web. 

Sallie Gardner is an accredited coach trainer and she expects to promote this book to young people through training programs and also from her position as an executive member of various professional organizations to which she belongs.



This is the book I wanted (but couldn’t find) when I was beginning my Life Coaching practice, particularly when I became involved in coaching school leavers. With what I have subsequently learnt, I decided it was still necessary to write the book for those of you who are making a transition without the assistance of your own coach.  

Your first step may be leaving school for work, or making a decision to undertake further study, or a combination of both. This book is a means of encouraging you to use your skills and abilities to achieve the best outcomes for yourself.  

Nowadays everyone is some kind of well-being coach. This is not a book about how to become suitably qualified to be a Life Coach. That part takes professional and academic training in the fields of understanding human behaviour, such as psychology and human resource management, as well as career guidance skills.  

This is a book about using your experience and skills to develop your own coaching process to manage the changes and transitions in your life. I believe that you will increase in confidence when you minimize the risks, by having a go.  

If you are going to journey with me, you will need to be prepared, and there are exercises to guide you as part of this book. Together, we will take a journey, leading you towards self-discovery, and through the process, you can expect to identify your skills, increase your strengths, develop new perspectives, and work towards reaching your dreams.  

To do this will require you to allocate time for looking inside yourself, practicing new strategies, and checking out your existing values and beliefs. Some time will be spent reflecting on whether or not you are trotting out old patterns and habits implanted in your early childhood by others, the media, or the world around you and, taking time to reflect on whether you have made the leap into maturity to really know your personal needs and your priorities, and are ready to act, at what ever your age and stage in life.  

By engaging in the program, you can address these opportunities for self-development. It is a courageous move, but I wish to encourage you, even when things may seem difficult, or you feel confused, please keep going until it all makes sense, as I am sure it will. 

To help put this into perspective, I will share with you a story, which began when I met my soul mate in my teens. We shared a dream  … to own our own boat, and sail the world. Everyone else was traveling overseas, but we were passionate about going under sail, wherever the winds would take us.  

In order to prepare for such an event, we read every book or article we could lay our hands on, about others who had experienced sailing adventures, and we talked to everyone we could, about the lifestyle. We asked questions about sailing, about fitting out a boat, and where to go to look at boats. We wanted to know what to expect and how we could turn our dreams into reality. This, in life coaching terms was our research phase. 

We had a broad goal and could see our solution. We developed our plans, after we did loads of brainstorming, asking ourselves about the possible consequences of each step, and looking for potential obstacles, until, the day came when we were ready to make our detailed plans a reality.

We were so excited imagining our solution becoming a reality. We saw glamour in being able to sail anywhere in the world, of being independent and free from responsibilities we held as landlubbers. We were quite naďve, in retrospect, as we didn’t even have a two-way radio, nor did we have any refrigeration (so of course we became instant vegetarians). In fact, I had never set foot on a sailing boat but it did not deter me in the slightest, and although I had read about pirates and bad weather … I was determined to achieve my dream.  

In following my passion for twelve months, I had the adventure of a lifetime. And so can you, with an awareness of the process we followed. Do your research, determine your goals, create a solution and strive for it, realistically evaluate the options and obstacles, and make detailed plans, which you can re-evaluate over time. 

You have already begun that process, as one of the lucky ones who has decided to read and generate positive solutions for yourself through adopting a self-coaching model. This book will help you to use coaching as a means to work out what you want to do with your life, and to provide some steps for helping you manage the changes along the way.  

As an LCN Life Coach, I believe that the answers lie within each of us … so the task is to empower you to find your own answers. You are unique, and this journey will enable you to reach your goals and pursue your dreams. Enjoy the journey.



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