Princess Loren together with her magical friend, Lightning, join Trilon and Loren’s old friends and new companions for an exciting follow-on to Christopher Perkins’ first book, The Adventures of Loren and Lightning.  Magical teachers and expert female sword leaders add even more excitement to these adventures.

Princess Loren is now in senior year at the magical college. She is learning the theory and practical use of a miraculous sword from an expert teacher. Both the teacher and Trilon help Loren become proficient in the use of the magical sword.

There are new journeys into the past from the present and more magical adventures inside an enchanted cave.

Read how the evil queen, along with her magical beasts who possess evil powers, become involved in battles with the good magical leaders and defence forces helping Princess Loren and Lightning in their quest.

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Number of pages: 212
Children's Stories-Adventure

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By the same author

 The Adventures of Loren and Lightning

Author: Chris Perkins
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2016
Language: English



About the author ...


Chris Perkins is a new author from Canberra, ACT, who has spent ten years attempting various degrees at Canberra universities but found the going very difficult. He graduated with a Diploma of Event Management from the Canberra Institute of Technology but has decided to use his creative talents to write fantasy for children to encourage them to read more. 

His imagination and storytelling were acknowledged by fellow students at university classes and are really evident in this book. If you like magical animals and good triumphing over evil, this is for you.



A year on from the battle against the Evil King and Witch Queen, Loren woke from a good night’s sleep with the birds chirping outside her open window and the sun streaming through. She jumped up and quickly got dressed and went downstairs to join her parents for breakfast. She smiled her big grin and said hello to both her royal parents. Queen Christine replied, “Hello to you, my daughter.”

King Gregory replied, “Hello Loren, how did you sleep last night?”

“I slept very well last night and thanks for asking, my dear parents,” said the princess.

Then King Gregory and Queen Christine asked Loren, “What are your plans for today after your breakfast?”

Loren responded, “This morning I will be going out to the stables to saddle Lightning and then ride into the royal town where I will visit the clothes shop to look at the new clothes. Thank you for asking.” Loren then went back to finishing her juice, which was yellow and green and made from berries. She had already finished her main breakfast of scrambled eggs and cooked ham.

Loren finished off her juice and went to the MFC (Magical Food Centre) which looked like a normal pantry. Loren picked up the MFC remote control, which had a number of coloured buttons. These buttons controlled the fantastic abilities of the MFC––cooking a variety of food (yellow); washing and drying of crockery and cutlery (blue); automatic placement of dried crockery and cutlery into cupboards and drawers in the MFC (purple); freezing of food, ice cream and drinks (orange); refrigerating fruits and vegetables (green) and a main control button (red). She placed her glass and bowl on the table in front of the MFC and pushed the blue button. Immediately, the MFC door opened and the glass and bowl were whisked into the washing and drying area. The door closed and Loren knew that her dishwashing would be looked after.

The MFC had been given to the royal family by the good witch, Beth when they moved in to the magical castle.

The king and queen said to Loren,  “You may go now. Enjoy your trip this morning.”

The princess asked her parents, “Do you think that we will hear from the evil Witch Queen and Wizard King this year?”

King Gregory replied, “We might. Just be on your guard and be prepared for such an occasion. I think that you had better get moving, my daughter, if you want to get your horse saddled and ride out to the royal town this morning.”

Loren replied, “I should get going now.”

She walked down a winding path to the stables where her horse, Lightning, was waiting in her stall to be saddled. Loren saddled up and trotted Lightning outside. She galloped off into the distance as quickly as Lightning could go; right to where the royal town was situated.

When Loren and Lightning finally arrived in the royal town, she stopped at the clothing store and tied Lightning to the hitching rail outside the store.

The entry door spoke to Loren and said, “Welcome to my magical clothing store, I hope you enjoy your time here.” Loren had been to the magical clothing store before with her parents when she was very young.

Once she had entered the store, she was greeted by Melson, the manageress, who remembered Loren from her first visit. She said to Loren, “How may I help you?”

Loren responded, “I am looking for some cool magical clothes and I would like you to help me.”

“What type of clothes are you looking for?”

The princess replied, “I am looking for a specific top and pants set I believe may have arrived today.”

“I see. You mean the pants suit with the royal insignia decorated with blue and gold material? The pants suit, which was ordered earlier this year by the king and queen?”

Loren replied, “Yes, those are the clothes I want.”

Melson said, “I have that pants suit in the back of the store and will get it for you.”

The royal clothing store manager came back to Loren and handed her the royal pants suit, which had a magical element to it. When Loren went to pay at the counter, the money magically appeared in her hand. Loren handed over the money to Melson.

Melson said, “Just be careful on your way back out of town. I have heard some frightening news about the Witch Queen.”

Loren picked up her magical clothes, thanked Melson and said, “Thank you for the warning about the Witch Queen.”

As Loren walked through the magical door, she started to think, ‘Did the Witch Queen survive? Is she coming back even more evil than before? Do my parents know?”

She untied Lightning’s reins from the hitching rail and climbed into the saddle and rode off back to her castle where her parents were waiting for her.

On the way home she bumped into Trilon, who happened to be walking to where she had come from. Loren asked Trilon, “How have you been since the battle last year?”

Trilon replied, “Very well, I now have a wife called Greenlon and kids, Bluelon and Redlon. About eight months ago I met my wife in the friendly forest and we were magically married because we got along so well, then we had our magical animal kids.

Loren replied, “Cool. Also, I have heard some rumours from the lady at the magical clothing store suggesting the evil Witch Queen is returning to our good kingdom.”

Trilon responded, “That is very true. She was spot on because I have spoken to a few of the magical animals and Beth who said exactly the same thing.”

“How about you come along with me to the castle to talk to my parents the king and queen about the rumours.”

Trilon replied, “I will come with you now.” Loren, with her horse and Trilon walked off together back to the castle.


When all three arrived Loren got up off her horse and let the rains drop down. Then Trilon and Loren proceeded to walk up the steps to the main door of the castle and walked through the big throne room where the king and queen were sitting in their chairs discussing the problems of the kingdom.

Loren and Trilon said to Gregory and Christine, “There have been some rumours circulating around the kingdom about the return of the evil Witch Queen to our kingdom. Is this true?”

Gregory and Christine responded by saying, “This is true and also it is not the full truth. The evil Witch Queen has brought another set of evil magical creatures through a magic portal. Also it seems there will be a very big war in our kingdom fought under the water and in the sky.”

Loren asked her parents, “What are we going to all do about this?”

“We will be getting our military people, the magical beasts and the good witch, Beth, to come to the castle urgently to discuss how we can deal with the war.”

Then the king and queen summoned military people to come to ballroom to strategize about the plans for the war.

Loren used her powers to get Beth and the magical beasts to come with haste to the castle. Within minutes, Beth, the good magical witch and the magical beasts had arrived in the castle ballroom to meet the princess, king and queen.

Both the king and queen spoke to their guests. “Welcome military, Beth and the magical beasts, princess and Trilon. You are all gathered here today because there is going be a war both under the water and in the sky.”

Christine then interrupted and said, “Everyone is also here to be told the rumours are true about the return of the evil Witch Queen.”

One of the military people named Bluedar said to the queen, “I had heard the Witch Queen had returned but did not know until now that it was true.”

Then Loren said to her father, “What is going to be the strategy for this type of war in the sky and under water?”

The king replied, “I have a strategy in mind set out on this map on the table.” Everyone gathered around the table.

Gregory said, “Firstly we will get Beth and some of the flying beasts to patrol the sky watching for flying evil beasts led by the Witch Queen.”

Then Loren asked the king, “What will the rest of us do?”

“You, your mother, the military people and the rest of the magical beasts with Trilon and I are going to face the underwater part of the battle.”

Gregory told them of special magical equipment and vehicles for the underwater battle which were to be delivered in a month’s time.


At that very moment, in an undisclosed location, the Witch Queen was doing her own strategy planning for the war with her evil flying and underwater beast generals.


Queen Christine said to King Gregory, “What are the special magical weapons and vehicles we will be using?”

Gregory answered, “Underwater ships which have inbuilt magical guns for the vehicles. The special magical weapons are magical water pulse guns as well as magical hand guns with special water bullets that can pierce any of the evil water beasts and send them back to another planet.”

Loren and the rest said, “Cool, new equipment.”

Then the king and queen said, “We will all meet back here after lunch to discuss things further.”

So the magical beasts, Beth, Trilon and the military people decided to leave to have lunch at home using Beth’s powers to  transport them. Beth advised the others that she would transport them back again for the meeting.

In the castle the king, queen and the princess decided to make sandwiches of ham and cheese and blue lettuce. They also had juice that was yellow made up of strawberries, oranges and yellow berries.

Soon everyone had finished their lunch and were on their way back to the castle.

In the lunch room the king, queen and princess were still finishing of their sandwiches and juice when the princess spoke to her parents and said, “What else does there need to be done for the war?”

The king and queen replied, “We will tell you when the meeting starts again.”

With that the three of them returned to the meeting room to join the others.

The king spoke, “We need to find away of protecting the townships near the water. Can anyone offer suggestions?”

One of the military people spoke up. “We should get the military people positioned down near the town with their horses and some magical tanks with freeze-water guns towards the back of the town pointing down to the ocean.”

Both the king and queen agreed. “It is a very cool idea, any more ideas?”

Loren suggested, “How about I fight on the ground and under the water in the big lake river system as a second line of defence with the remaining military people and Trilon?”

Gregory and Christine replied, “That would be a great idea, but we think that it would be prudent to have both of us there to help you, to fight this particular battle.”

Loren responded, “Thank you both for wanting to be in the battle to help defend the kingdom alongside me, Trilon and the military people.”

The king said, “I almost forgot we have a skyforce with weapons and planes––we will need them for the sky battle as well.”

“I knew that you could not remember everything,” said Christine.

Loren joked. “Yeah, my dad would forget his brain if it wasn’t in his head.”

Everyone thought it was very funny and started to laugh.

The king said, “Very funny.”

Both the king and queen spoke, “The battles are scheduled for Monday, 23rd February this year, 2312. We now end the meeting. You can all go now back to your homes.”

Beth agreed to instantly transport everyone back to their homes. The magical beasts, Beth and the military people said goodbye to the king, queen and princess.

Before they left Loren said, “My dad has forgotten to tell the military and Beth to be here in the morning on Thursday after breakfast.”

With that everyone except Trilon disappeared in an instant in a blue light.

When everyone left, Loren, Christine and Gregory went a magical viewing area to watch video and television programs from around the whole kingdom. They could do this from the comfort of magical chairs that changed colours and moved around.

Loren sat in a red and orange chair. The chair spoke. “Good afternoon, my lovely princess.”

“Good afternoon to you too. How has your day been?” said Loren.

Chair replied, “Very well, I have been resting here watching the clouds moving around outside. How may I help you now, princess?”

“Could you please turn on my favourite TV program? Magical Cartoon Stories.

Chair had a remote to switch the magical viewing screen to The  Magical Stories. While the princess was talking to her chair, the king and queen were having discussions in their own chairs.

The princess asked her parents, “Do you think we should contact the other kind kingdom and speak with their king and queen to ask for help?”

Both parents agreed. King Gregory used the enchanted phone in the viewing area and he instantly connected with King Michael in the other magical kind kingdom.

“King Michael here. It is nice to see you, King Gregory. It has been a few years since I have spoken or seen you and your family.”

Gregory responded, “Yes, it has been four years, I remember it was after your 45th birthday and our families were together. I have rung you to tell you about two battles soon to be held here and to ask for your help to fight against the evil Witch Queen.”

Michael spoke, “Yes, I will help support you and your family, Gregory. I will also bring the Queen Leoness the Prince Ridun as well as my own defence force military people.”

“Okay, cool. Both our families will have to meet, how about here next Thursday?” said Gregory.

Michael agreed.

With that Gregory and Michael said their goodbyes and ended their call.

Gregory then spoke to Christine, “Michael and his royal family along with their military are coming to have a meeting with us next Thursday at the castle.”



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