The human brain is a marvellous thing when you consider all the great literary works in the world originated in someone's brain.

My book, ‘Meanderings of the Mind’, is by no means a work of literature.

It is however, a typical example of what can happen if you allow your brain to get carried away with itself and its own importance.


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ISBN: 978-1-922229-18-2  
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 108
Genre: Non Fiction


Author: K.D.
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2013
Language: English




The author was born and raised on the Gold Coast and attended secondary school in North Queensland. He joined the navy at seventeen and was discharged in 1973. He then spent twelve years in sales and marketing in Sydney before he returned to the Gold Coast with his family in 1985.

He joined the building industry in 1991 and now runs key housing construction sites for a major building company.



I find it fascinating, that females are forever fascinated by fashion fascinators…




I reckon a capital letter ‘B’ is just a pregnant capital letter ‘I’ with big boobs.




How come girls and women can have Girlfriends, but boys and men cannot have Boyfriends without something else being implied?

Even Mate now sounds suss.




I reckon a capital letter ‘Z’ is just a drunk straight line.



Now, with the utmost respect for God, and with no intention to blaspheme, I don’t think He would make a very good dinner guest, particularly if you are out to impress ...


“I am the president of the United States.”


“Yeah well, I created the Universe.”


There is no comeback for that …




I reckon a capital letter ‘Y’ is just a capital letter ‘I’ with a split personality.

When you think about it, all the land masses of the world are just the tops of huge underwater mountains.




I reckon a capital letter ‘H’ is just two capital letter ‘I’s shaking hands



Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  Dogs are a man’s best friend.  Cost of a decent diamond?  Couple of grand.  Cost of a decent dog?  Free at the local pound.  No wonder men like dogs.




I reckon a capital letter ‘R’ is just a well endowed capital letter ‘I’ walking.



I went to the Bank today to check my Balance, but I lost my Balance and fell, because the Bank is built on the Bank of a river, next to a Bank of similar looking houses, all in a Bank of fog. 


Next time I go to check my Bank Account, I should take into Account, that all Banks are not alike, and Bank on it.  The Bank is built beside a Bar on a Bend, so I went in and waited for the Waiter to Wait on me.  It is a good Bar, Bar none, with Bars on the windows. 


By this time, I was going round the Bend, and I wasn’t even moving.  The Waiter looked familiar, so after losing my Balance, while going to check my Balance, in a Bank, on a Bank, between a Bank of houses, in a Bank of fog, built beside the best Bar with Bars, Bar none, on a Bend, I rushed home and checked my Soap. 

Didn’t know the Waiter from a bar of Soap….

Stupid friggin’ language!




The very first person who extended his/her hand in a form of greeting must have been right handed. 

If she or he was a leftie, things would be completely different.






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