The author’s real name is not Emma Thomas. The object to this deceit is twofold. Firstly it is to protect the people on whom the characters are based and secondly to protect his job. In Australia today it is very dangerous to the careers of many people to put anything in print under their real name.

The author has been long fascinated by the way people behave. He has completed a couple of Psychology subjects at University and was not impressed. He felt that the theory was influenced more by what is considered to be politically correct than what can be logically deduced by the evidence.

He also completed an Engineering Degree and it seemed to him that the behavior of people could be best described using a computer programming analogy. This then leads to the question of what is in the program that controls people and for the past quarter of a century he has been theorizing and experimenting in an endeavor to find the answer. Along the way he has written a couple of small books, one of which was published on the net. This did not prove popular however and he surmised that the material in the book was far too dry to arouse much interest in the reader. He therefore decided to change tact and include two booklets on human programming within a novel. In this way he would be able make the material more interesting while at the same time giving examples of how the theory worked in practice.

The novel he has produced borrows heavily from real life to such an extent that the revelation of his name will identify and possibly embarrass the people on whom he modeled the characters in the book. Thus he would prefer to keep his real name a secret and use the pen name of Emma Thomas. For obvious reasons he has therefore not included a photograph of himself.

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Author: Emma Thomas 
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2005
Language: English


Chapter 1 

Total Confusion 


It was a beautiful late summer evening. The heat of the day had gone and John Bache imagined that there were white fluffy clouds drifting overhead propelled by a cool southeast sea breeze. He was on his way to a rendezvous with the woman he hoped would become his future mother in law, a Swedish woman called Selma Francis. He had fallen in love with her daughter, Birgitta and wanted to keep on good terms with her mum. So when Selma asked to meet him after dark at the base of Mount Coot-tha, he was intrigued but didn’t say no for fear of offending the mother of the girl he hoped to marry.

John had met Birgitta through her father, Sergei who owned an Austin Champ four-wheel drive; similar to the one John was driving. The Champs were made in 1955 and in many ways were revolutionary for their day. They were fitted with waterproof Rolls Royce engines able to ford streams six feet deep and had a five speed all synchromesh gearbox for quick and easy gear changes. Best of all however was their suspension. While most other four wheel drives were still using straight axles and leaf springs up until the 1990’s the Champs were fitted with fully independent torsion bar suspension on each wheel. Not only did this smooth out the ride, it also lowered the centre of gravity, allowing the Champs to hug the road well while still giving adequate ground clearance for off-road use.

The downside to this is that was that the designers were venturing into unfamiliar territory. It was also the era where little post-production engineering was undertaken. Thus if a design fault was not identified during prototype testing, it never got corrected. The Champs had several design faults, the most serious of which was the tendency to leak oil from the rear differential while travelling on bitumen roads. This fault usually resulted in the differential locking up in a dramatic and dangerous incident. This ultimately caused the Champs to have many detractors and as a consequence, a rather short production run.

The Champs belonging to John and Brigitte’s father, Sergei had the mild steel bolts in the rear differentials replaced in high tensile steel. This had solved the problem of the oil leaks but Champ owners still tended to club together to help each other out with the numerous other difficulties involved with owning a vehicle that was very different to most others on the road.

John had been helping Sergei one day when Birgitta had came up and hugged him. This had taken John by surprise. Nothing like this had happened to him before. 

Up until this time John had been frustrated by the Australian girls he had gone out with. They kept their feelings to themselves and the only way he was able to get them to behave in a natural way, uninhibited by their philosophies was to sexually arousing them until their instincts became so strong that philosophies were put aside, if only for a short while. Thus when Birgitta turned up in his life John thought his dreams had come true. He had found a girl who fulfilled his instinctive desire for a mate. The one little glitch was Birgitta’s age. She was twelve. He was twenty-five. Sex would have to wait for a while yet. However John had been looking for a suitable partner for over a decade now and the prospect of waiting for another four or five years to consummate their relationship was not as daunting a prospect as trying to find an Australian girl he could get along with. In the meantime they could spend some quiet time together and that would be sufficient to keep him content.

Unfortunately Birgitta’s mother had some twists to her philosophy that John had not anticipated. She was a beautiful woman of thirty-eight whose thinking had been skewed somewhat by an accident. When she was a child of eight playing in the streets of Stockholm, she had the misfortune to be involved in a traffic accident. A truck had veered over to the edge of the road to where she was playing. The driver had been indulging in a bit of liquid refreshment at a time before Swedish law was tightened to the extent that no blood alcohol was allowed while driving. Before the truck could stop Selma’s right leg had been mangled below the knee. The young girl was taken to hospital but the lower part of the right leg was so badly mutilated that in the end the doctors decided to amputate.

After the wounds healed Selma was fitted with an artificial leg and as she grew she became more and more adept at walking without much of a limp. Now she had two artificial legs, one for flat-soled shoes, and the other for high heels. When she wore the leg intended for flat-soled shoes Selma walked with a slight limp, as her leg did not have the calf muscle that would normally allow her to move her ankle as she walked. In the high-heeled leg however she had virtually no limp at all. This was because in high heels the calf muscle is usually in a permanent state of retraction to allow the ankle to line up with the sloping inner sole of the shoe. In any case John had not noticed anything unusual about Selma’s leg even though he’d seen her quite a number of times.

Selma’s biggest problem wasn’t physical however. Rather it was mental. One of the strongest of human instincts is the desire to be considered an equal to others. Certain philosophies allow this instinct to be contorted. With class systems for example this is accomplished by allowing one class to be suppressed by another. This is usually accomplished by either having a philosophy that suppresses instincts or by having a trade off or other type of justification. Selma’s problem was that she considered herself to some extent to be damaged goods. She was never going to be up there with the truly “beautiful’ people and she resented this. In order to satisfy her instinct for equality therefore she needed some sort of revenge and she got this by using ethnic rivalry.

Selma’s husband, Sergei had a very traumatic upbringing. His parents were Russians who lived in Stalangrad prior to World War II. During the war his father was killed and Sergei, along with his mother were captured by the Germans. The mother and child were placed in a concentration camp where Sergei’s mother eventually died. Sergei would probably have met with the same fate if it hadn’t been for the camp’s doctor who adopted Sergei and took him to live with his family. Towards the end of the war the doctor managed to move to neutral Sweden with his family, Sergei included. Here the doctor found work as a dentist and the family settled down to as normal a life as they could, given the terrible ordeal they had been through.

Sergei had been through a lot. The stress of losing his natural parents, the harsh conditions and the near starvation caused by living in a war zone and later in a concentration camp had stunted his growth and weakened his constitution. In his early twenties he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and admitted to a sanatorium for rest and treatment.

Selma in the meantime had learnt to play the piano as a child and by the time she was a teenager was recruited to entertain at the same sanatorium. In Sergei, Selma found a charming young man who had adapted well to his new country but there was an added bonus. Sergei was an ethnic Russian; a foreigner in Sweden and it went against the instincts of Swedish men to see a beautiful Swedish girl in the company of a man from another ethnic group. This is a perfectly natural instinct and applies to all humans but Selma saw it as a means of getting the revenge she longed for. She was able to play off Sergei against the Swedish men who she imagined had looked down on her because of her injury. It kept Sergei on his toes while at the same time gave her some notoriety. What more could a girl want? The love of a good man and the ability to turn heads.

Of course Selma saw things very differently. To her the story of her and Sergei was very much along the lines of a fairy tale romance. Very soon Sergei and Selma were married. Selma got a job with a large multinational food company and eventually Birgitta was born. Selma was content. She had a well paid job, the respect of her girlfriends, her daughter and a husband she could use to stir up the indignation of her countrymen.

Sergei however was becoming tired of being used to stir up a jealous reaction among his adopted countrymen. This inhibited his ability to form friendships with Swedish men. Most of his friends were foreigners like himself. Sergei longed for a life where he would be fee of the very animosity that his wife craved. He decided that the best way out of the predicament was to move somewhere where both he and his wife were foreigners.

Eventually Sergei had his way. The three of them packed up and moved to Australia. Here it didn’t matter that Sergei was Russian and Selma was Swedish. In Australia they were both foreigners and nobody really cared.

Now Sergei was happy but it was the pits as far as Selma was concerned. She had left her family, her friends and a well-paid job to live in a suburban prison looking after her young daughter. When Birgitta went to school she didn’t even have that amount of company any more. Selma found it impossible to get the sort of well-paid, respected position she had in Sweden. Even menial jobs had eluded her. After five years of frustration she had decided to spread the feeling to her husband by withdrawing sex from their relationship until he either made life in their new country more bearable or had returned to the old one.

Withholding sex is a two edged sword however. As a survivor of war and concentration camps Sergei was well used to deprivation. Selma was less so. Selma was fairly well addicted to sex after twenty years of marriage. Three months without sex was about her comfortable limit. It was now six months however since she had slept with her husband and her sex drive was becoming very difficult to suppress.

John was completely ignorant of all this marital intrigue. Being both young and naive he imagined that his future parents in law had as smooth a relationship as the one they acted out for the benefit of their daughter and others. He had noticed nothing unusual in the relationship between Sergei and his wife and thought the marriage was sound.

The rendezvous was at the Botanical Gardens car park at the base of Mount Coot-tha. When John arrived he found Selma’s red Datsun waiting. He got out and approached. “Come and sit down,” said Selma, beckoning John into the front seat beside her. “I suppose you’re wondering why I asked you here.”

“It did cross my mind,” replied John a little defensively.

“Well I am very bored during the day at home by myself and would like to go somewhere. Only I feel silly going on my own and I was wondering if you would like to go down to the coast with me.”

It had never occurred to John that Selma would be bored being at home by herself. In fact he had never really thought about it before. Now that the topic had been raised however John could imagine what he’d feel like if he were in that position and he thought he understood Selma’s predicament. Being deprived of adult company and even her daughter’s company while the girl was at school must be depressing. What the hell. It would be nice to forget about work for a day, ring in sick and just take it easy.

“OK, we can meet somewhere. If we drive in your car I’ll buy the lunch.” he said.

The next day they met in a quiet back street in Taragindi. John made a quick phone call to his work to say that he was sick and wouldn’t be in until tomorrow and they set off for the little National Park beside Tellabugerra Creek. This was one of John’s favourite places. On the way they stopped and picked up a barbecued chicken and a bottle of ‘Summer Wine’. This was a cheap, sweet sparkling wine. John was not much of a wine buff. If it had bubbles, was sweet and didn’t cost much it must be good.

The little National Park was proclaimed to protect a small area of natural rainforest that clung to the headland at the mouth of the creek. It contained tall trees with buttress roots reaching for the sky, lush undergrowth on the bottom storey and a myriad of other plants such as vines and stag horns in the middle as it were, clinging to the tree trunks. Between the buttress roots of one giant tree they found enough clear ground to sit and start their picnic lunch.

Selma had been looking forward to this day with feelings of apprehension and excitement. Being married and going out with another man went against her upbringing. She had been a virgin when she married Sergei and had been faithful to him ever since. On the other hand she was glad to be out of the house and away from her mental struggle with Sergei over the question of returning to Sweden. During the drive down John seemed so relaxed in the seat beside her that the feeling soon infected her. They sat down and prepared for their meal. Selma had brought a tablecloth, some plates and wine glasses. A cool breeze blew from the sea but within the canopy of this small remnant of rainforest with the abundance of greenery acting like a cosy quilt the air was still and sweet.

John lay on the carpet of fallen leaves that littered the ground and lent his head against a tree root. John thought it was idyllic. Lying back against the tree he had a glass of wine in one hand, a piece of chicken in the other and a beautiful woman with an exotic accent for company. This was heaven.

All this was too much for Selma. She leant over John, hugged him around the chest and kissed him on the lips. John’s body at first stiffened noticeably. This was totally unexpected but the warmth of the embrace had an intoxicating effect on John, flowing through him and melting his reluctance. He relaxed and returned the hug.

John was awash with confusing emotion. Selma’s advances had taken him by surprise. It was not at all the sort of thing he expected his future mother-in-law to do. Selma however was not aware of the relationship between John and her daughter so the mother-in-law aspect didn’t enter into her calculations.

John’s emotions were in overdrive. He had been besotted when Birgitta, a mere slip of a girl had only hugged him. Selma, by contrast was a well-endowed woman in her prime, a sensual being well capable of making his pulse race.

They sat there together, both enjoying the moment despite the fact that both were engaged in something that was contrary to their philosophies. Both had been so deprived of sexual gratification of late that all philosophical considerations were swept aside in a rush of emotion. Hand in hand they made their way along the narrow tracks to the headland at the edge of the rainforest. Here the sea breeze blew strong, uninhibited by the dense green canopy behind them. They forgot the complications of their personal lives and indulged themselves in the sheer joy of imagining they were merely a man and a woman together in a delightful, natural setting.

The hours passed too swiftly, as you often wish they would when the circumstances are less appealing. Soon Birgitta would be returning from school and Selma would have to play the part of the dutiful mother and wife. They made their way to the car and drove back to Brisbane. John was still hyper however. He kept fondling Selma while she drove, at one point lifting her blouse and revealing her breasts to the oncoming traffic. Selma was slightly taken aback by this but the look of astonishment on the face of an oncoming truck driver and the excitement of the occasion made the moment seem so unreal that any feeling of being embarrassed was well and truly drowned by the pleasurable aspects. 

The two made a date to see each other again in two days, this time in the city for afternoon tea. John parked his Champ in the King George Square car park and waited at the bottom of the square’s steps for Selma to arrive. She had also parked in the underground car park and travelled up the lift to the top of the stairs where John was waiting. With the sun directly behind her Selma walked down towards John, who looked at her, stunned. Selma’s long hair glowed blood red as the light streamed through it. John, being the unobservant twit that he was had never noticed before that Selma had auburn hair. They had usually only met before in places where the light was subdued and he had assumed that her hair was brown. As she now walked towards him, half silhouetted by the position of the sun, John now realised what a beauty she really was. The light shone through her semi-translucent dress to reveal an hourglass figure with quite a healthy bust line and the red halo was merely the finishing touch. As they met and kissed John now noted once more the near perfect features of her face, save the rather large mole over her left eyebrow. Her eyes were a deep blue and her voice was so deep and sensual that it would have done May West proud.

They walked hand in hand down Queen Street, window-shopping and John felt ten feet tall. He was out in public with a beautiful woman and it felt ‘sooo’ good. Most of his life he’d felt like a bit of a loner. He had his male friends of course and the occasional girlfriend but this woman really knew how to make him feel alive. Perhaps it was her beauty or her attentiveness towards him. He didn’t quite know. All he did know was that no other woman had ever made him feel this euphoric.

Selma felt rather excited also, but for slightly different reasons. John was reasonably good looking but this wasn’t what made being with him exciting. It was the lure of the forbidden. She was out on a secret date with another man. Like legendary Swedish actress Greta Garbo she was playing around behind her husband’s back. Greta ran off with an Italian and ended up having children with him. How tantalisingly wicked. During her life Selma had read of the extramarital exploits of the rich and famous and it all seemed so exciting to a conservative individual such as herself. Sure she was a bit of a flirt at times but that was as far as she had allowed it to go. Now that she had gone this far however a whole new world of excitingly wicked possibilities appeared within her reach.

The couple of hours they had managed to snatch together evaporated all too quickly and soon they were heading back to their respective families. In the following weeks they arranged to snatch a little more time together, mostly in Selma’s house.

John would drive to Selma’s house when Sergei and Brigitta were out but they did not consummate the relationship. Selma did not want to have sex in the house she shared with Sergei and John was still torn between Selma and Birgitta.

On these visits John often took his pet possum with him. Despite it being a female she was called Charlie and would sit on top of John’s head as he drove the Champ. Dogs had killed Charlie’s mother and the orphaned baby had to be rescued from a tree in which it had taken refuge. When it was very young it had been fed milk from a doll’s bottle but now it was almost fully grown and would eat anything it happened to find on John’s plate at mealtime. Possums are usually nocturnal but Charlie would happily play during the day if she had company. One particular day she was given the run of Selma’s house while the humans busied themselves in each other’s company. When it came time to go however Charlie had disappeared. John and Selma searched high and low and feared that the little animal had escaped outside and had either been killed or would never be seen again. Thus it happened that John was still in the house when Birgitta returned from her friend’s place. Birgitta had become attached to the possum and so Selma sat down with her.

“We think Charlie has been lost Birgitta, we had her in the house but now we can’t find her.” With that Birgitta rushed off to her room and pulled back the quilt. Curled up in a ball in the middle of the bed was Charlie. She had apparently became bored and decided to return to her nocturnal ways. Birgitta had seen her do this sort of thing before and solved the riddle instantly. 

This incident had other ramifications apart from the mystery of the disappearing marsupial. Birgitta’s suspicions were now aroused about John. What were he and her mother doing alone together in the house before she came home? Could it be that John was two timing her. Birgitta began to distance herself from John. Not a word on the subject was spoken but John felt the wall building between them. She was no longer close and friendly towards him, she was distant and aloof. A great weight had now been lifted from John’s shoulders. He no longer had to decide between Birgitta and Selma. Birgitta had made that decision for him. As for the choice between John’s friendship with Sergei and John’s relationship with Selma, John reconciled himself with the thought that he had a deeper friendship with Selma and so if he had to break off one friendship in order to maintain the other, it would be better if he broke the weakest one. However John was a little shell shocked by these events and was uncertain of what to do next.

Selma also had a great deal to lose if her relationship with John went any further. Her marriage would be compromised to say the very least and her daughter could suffer enormous emotional damage as a result. At heart though Selma ran very much on instinct, as indeed did John. Selma’s interest in John had grown since their first kiss and now she had an almost irrepressible desire to be with him. Every time they met Selma’s instincts rewarded her with a feeling of joy and serenity. In order to break things off at this stage she would have to override these instincts and the natural punishment for that would be misery. However, like John, Selma was unsure. At their next meeting they agreed to break off their relationship. Both felt bad about their betrayal of Sergei and John was still upset about ending his relationship with Birgitta. John and Selma agreed to stay away from each other and try to forget.

This separation worked well enough for a while. Both Selma and John were lonely and sad but this was nothing new to either of them. However after a month or so Sergei began to wonder why he had not seen his friend lately. Before this John used to drop in to see them every weekend and sometimes even during the week but lately John was nowhere to be seen. The brakes on Sergei’s Champ required some work. Perhaps he could would visit John and ask him for some help.

Meanwhile John had been using all his willpower to resist the urge to see Selma. When Sergei dropped in and asked for some help however it was too much. He could not refuse.

Selma heard John’s Champ arrive. The Champs had a distinctive note that was unmistakable. Selma, like John, had been fighting her desire in order to maintain their separation and John’s arrival did not help her resolve. She went down stairs and asked Sergei why John was there. “He’s come to help me bleed the brakes.”

‘Bloody man!’ thought Selma. ‘Things are difficult enough without my husband inviting my love interest around.’

Sergei picked up on his wife’s irritation and this gave him a sense of satisfaction. She had not been very loving lately. Perhaps this would act as some form of revenge for her inattention.

With Birgitta now suspicious, things were getting a little too hot for further meetings at Selma’s place. The two agreed to see each other back at Mount Coot-tha again. Instead of rendezvousing near the Botanical Gardens however, this time they would meet on the part of the road above the quarry. Here the road had been widened to allow for future encroachment by the quarry and in the process provided an ideal parking area with sweeping views over the city. Selma made an excuse to leave home and met John about an hour after dark. They adjourned to the back seat of Selma’s Datsun 1600 but unlike their previous encounters there was nothing holding them back. John had made his break with Birgitta and had decided to forsake his friendship with Sergei while Selma felt freer now she was outside the confines of her and her husband’s home. They kissed and cuddled and before long their instinctive sexual desires were too strong to deny. John’s hands found their way under Selma’s bra and caressed her ample breasts. This in turn brought Selma’s excitement to fever pitch and she could feel that John was in a similar state. ‘Just put your tip in.” she said. She had intended that the two of them should engage in a bit of heavy petting but John was unfamiliar with that sort of thing. Before long they were both as deeply involved in sexual passion as was possible.

After what amounted to a couple of months of foreplay the result was the best sex that John had encountered thus far in his young life and some of the most rewarding carnal pleasure Selma had experienced for a long while.



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