The Soul Seduction

And The Persuasion of a Woman

Is out of our control

Nature itself, herself

Will always have her way

With our hearts, minds íní pleasure

Knowing; this is what I want from you, her íní she

So tell me; what would you like from me

Oí my, Oí my

Well Ö letís begin 

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Devotional poetry / Inspiration Ė poetry
Cover model - Roxane Agius
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Deceiving the Hearts of the Simple
Through the Eyes of Words
Raw Emotion
Confessions from the Heart
From Me to You
When a Woman Loves

Author: Ashley Byrnes
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2016
Language: English




These are lyrics,

This is life,

It's also poetry,

A history lesson, rewrite,

Yes ... this is me, myself íní I,

Expressing words, between you íní I,

Creating love, passion, desire íní more,

Through the echo of my soul,

And the vibration of my heart,

As I open up my life to you,

Allowing you to see the man within,

The voice that speaks,

All the needs that seek,

And the memories that exist,

While I establish all my dreams.


Soul   Seductive

Heart íní Soul

Hypnotised   Memorised

Drowning in your eyes

As Iím opening my eyes

Knowing this is what I want from you

Understanding this is what I need from you,

Yes ... this is the want ín íneed

So tell me, what would you like from me?

Oh my, Oh my.


When the world comes to know ME!

Then Iíll know the WORLD!

When the world invites ME!

Then youíll see me, around the WORLD!

When the world believes in ME!

Then Iíll believe in THEM!

When the world trusts in ME!

Then Iíll trust in THEM!

Knowing; that you íní I

Are all the SAME!

Just living apart, in a different PLACE!

But all the SAME!

In the world we KNOW!


Aw yeah, I wanna get to know you,

Knowing ... itís a simple request,

A simple equation between two,

Between you íní I as simple as A B C,

So don't ... complicate it, messiní it up,

Lettiní nature flow, doiní its thing,

Flowing from you to me. Mm, me íní you,

Senses ... high, aroused, touch íní feel,

Yes ... I want you, push íní pull,

Knowing; gravityís drawing me near,

Closer íní closer to you, inch by inch,

Itís what I want,

There's no escaping it, weíre meant to be,

I have a crystal ball, and itís showing me you,

The lining of your eyes, searching your soul,

Finding the answer,

answers to you íní I íní love,

Mm, youíre all that I want íní need íní dream,

Every possibility under the sun.




To the reader, please enjoy.

Yes Ö Iím speaking to you.

Knowing Ö itís for the heart of you.

Enlarging oneís soul íní thoughts,

Itís all about the promise of love

An adventure itself, taking a chance.

Hoping Ö youíll understand

My words, the adventures throughout,

Itís reality, an open house dream.

Yes Ö Iíll impress you hopefully

Because I know we all have the same

Emotions runniní wild, oh yes we do.

Capturing oneís heart, entering souls,

Every high íní low such a challenge.

Mm, a garden path, a yellow brick road

Leading you here íní there, astray, home.

Itís lifeís lessons, a trick or treat.

So feel free to take notes

And let me know what you think.

Youíre welcome.



Yeah ... thereís magic in this,

A rhythm of life íní sounds,

Enticing, drawing us near,

Closer íní closer. Mm, yeah,

An echo of souls, touching, connecting,

Knowing íní understanding our needs,

As itís reaching out, to you íní I,

Saving us time, by its expression, of love,

Inviting us, to live íní dream,

To even scream, go ahead, Iíll join you,

Yes it is, itís true, itís empowering,

Overwhelming, speaking deep within,

Thereís an endless aroma in the air,

A fragrance, an essence, so sweet, so you,

The fragrance of her, she, mm,

Can you feel it? Do you want it?

Aw, yes I do, yes please,


Then, close your eyes, and let your senses free,

Lettiní them come alive,

Understanding what theyíre saying to you,

Theyíre asking you, what would you like?

Canít get enough of you,

Yes ... thatís what theyíre saying to you,

So come with me, don't hesitate,

Coming a little closer íní closer,

Knowing what Iím about to show you,

Itís the rhythm, of life íní sound, kiss, kiss.


Love Relationship


Itís funny ... it amazes me actually, itís ridiculous, itís even hilarious, when people Ďtryí to hide their face Ďin the deception of being singleí by promoting the fact that being single is a better place to be, and put down love and a relationship as not worth the trouble. But knowing that deep within themselves Ďin the silent moments of their lives, as all mankindí all they really want and dream about, is to be loved. Itís true. Yes, we all want to be loved, held, kissed, embracedĖĖwalks along the beach, smiles upon our faces etc., etc., because the truth is; lonely nights scare us and waking up wishing someone was there bothers us, breaks us, affects us because the fact is, everyone wants to be loved. It doesnít matter what you say out loud, I know betterĖĖso do you because your heart íní soul, spirit and dreams, will always want to be lovedĖĖto be in love actually. To be one with someone special so donít lie to yourself and to the world, friends etc. because youíre only steering yourself blind, down a path of sadness and loneliness. Growing old aloneĖĖyeah, that sounds great Ö not! Because we all know that love is the key to all things and happiness is the dream we dream and if you donít believe it then why are you out in the world looking for love with a bleeding heart when apparently, you only want to be single?

Makes no sense.


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