Join brave Princess Loren and her loyal horse companion, the magical Lightning, on their mission to save the kingdom from dark forces that are gathering and threatening her parents’ realm.

On their journey the pair meet Trilon, a wise magical creature — part tiger, part falcon and part puma, who tells Loren of an ancient secret.
Trilon also introduces the princess and her enchanted horse to his friends, Oracles, Pumagrass and Windsky.

Combining their astonishing magical powers, the group go to battle against the evil Wizard King and Queen and their equally wicked beasts.
In part two, The History of Lightning we go back in time to learn where loyal Lightning came from, and if you thought that Lightning was always a horse, think again!

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ISBN: 978-1-921919-90-9
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 137
Genre: Children's


Author: Chris Perkins
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2013
Language: English


About the author ...


Chris Perkins is a new author from Canberra, ACT, who has spent ten years attempting various degrees at Canberra universities but found the going very difficult. He graduated with a Diploma of Event Management from the Canberra Institute of Technology but has decided to use his creative talents to write fantasy for children to encourage them to read more. 

His imagination and storytelling were acknowledged by fellow students at university classes and are really evident in this book. If you like magical animals and good triumphing over evil, this is for you.

Thank you ...


I would like to acknowledge the great support and guidance I have received from the following people:


·        My former primary school teacher – Mrs Helen Morrissey.

·        A present primary school teacher – Mrs Faye Noonan.

·        The assistant principal of Sacred Heart School, Launceston—Mrs Helen Halley—who encouraged her children to illustrate this book.

·        My parents, who consistently encouraged my efforts.

·        The ACT Writers Centre.

·        The students of Sacred Heart School, Launceston, Tasmania and St Patrick’s College, Prospect, Tasmania for their illustrations.

Zeus Publications/Poseidon Books who were willing to assist a first-time author.





Princess, daughter of King Gregory and Queen Christine

King Gregory and Queen Christine

Rulers of the good kingdom and parents of Princess Loren.


Loren’s magical horse.


A magical creature—part tiger, part falcon and part puma.

Albatross and Skydor

Magical beasts working for the good side.

Oracles, Pumagrass and Windsky

Evil creatures which have the power to destroy and make good animals turn bad.


Magical evil beasts which fire lightning bolts


An evil female who can change voices and fire snowstorms from her mouth. 


Evil beast that can create tornadoes that cause magical hits of damage to the good magical beasts.


Originally a good beast but now turned by magic into an evil creature.

Wizard King and Witch Queen

Evil leaders and both opposed to all things good.


A very old, good witch.


A good creature, part elf and part wolf who fires ice laser bolts from its eyes.

Green Sky

Part eagle, part tiger and part puma who can disintegrate any object with a water ray from his mouth—fighting for good.


Part fighting hawk and part emu who had teleportation powers— a good creature.

Blue Tiger

Part lion and part tiger who has powers that can move objects for the good side.  


Princess Blura, daughter of King Christopher and Queen Elizon.  


Prince Blura, son of King Tartos and Queen Tartio of Trixstar

King Christopher and Queen Elizon

Rulers of Sunstar, parents to Princess Blura.


Evil sorcery soldiers


Royal advisor to King Christopher and Queen Elizon


Faithful knights to King Christopher and Queen Elizon

Black Kartin

A Knightstar


Female magician and evil ruler.


Faithful knights to Prince Reda.

King Tartos and Queen Tartio

Rulers of Trixstar, parents of Prince Reda


Blura’s horse


Leader of the Sorcsos


Second-in-command of the Triknights


Castle guard

Blazen Thunda

Prince Reda’s horse

Groton, Breton, Craton and Lorton

Faithful castle guards.


Royal dressmaker

Green Star


Greton and Mytin

Tretan’s wife and daughter.


The royal jeweller

Yellow Star

The royal stablemaster


Princess Blura’s horse-name.


Prince Reda’s horse-name.


Chapter One - SAMPLE



n a distant planet far away lived a princess called Loren who had dark red hair and pinkish white skin. She always woke up with the sun coming through her window every morning. Today was an exceptional day, which made her decide to explore the countryside.

So the princess went to the main dining hall downstairs to have breakfast with the king and queen on this fine morning. Their names were King Gregory and Queen Christine. For this morning’s breakfast, she had blue eggs with a side of fruit.

After she finished breakfast, she went upstairs to change into her normal clothes; a fluffy white blouse with cream pants, so that she could ride her horse or walk in the countryside.

Immediately after she got changed into her proper attire, she went downstairs and out the castle doors to her stable where her horse, Lightning, was waiting for her with its silver mane and white coat glistening in the sunlight.

The princess mounted the horse, grabbed the reins and rode the horse out of the stable, through the gate in the wall, over the drawbridge and into the blue grass of the countryside, which was part of the kingdom.

Loren was riding along with Lightning in the countryside  when all of a sudden, she saw what she thought was a magical creature—part tiger, part falcon and part puma. It was indeed a magical creature, which had the power to freeze or set fire to its enemies. Such powers would normally have made the princess scared but she was not scared at all.

The reason for her not being scared was that this was a talking magical animal who could understand her language as well as the other animals.

The princess started up a conversation with this animal, whose name turned out to be Trilon. She asked Trilon what other creatures there were and how many good and evil magical animals there were in the country. Trilon said there were some good beasts named Albatross and Skydoor.

“However, there are some evil beasts, which have the power to destroy and make good animals turn evil. Their names are Oracles, Pumagrass, Windsky—which have the power to change feelings from happy to angry and they also have fire coming out of their mouths and wings. There are also Firetigers which fire lightning bolts as well as another evil beast named Treestorm, which is a female who can change voices and fire snowstorms from her mouth. The last evil beast is Windstorm, which can create tornados that cause magical hits of damage to the good magical beasts without moving.”

Then Trilon asked the princess whether she needed any extra help along her journey.

The princess answered, “Yes.” She did not know how dangerous it would be travelling if there were evil, magical beasts out on the hills. So both of them went and continued their journey through the countryside.

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