Welcome!  This is “The Book of Titles”. Oh! You say. Most people at some point in their lives announce they are going to write a book.  Well. Here is your start.  A whole book devoted to possible Titles of books. 

“The Book of Titles” is an open any page or read from the start, good fun, page turning time. Slightly poetic and life initiated.  It is quick, quirky, chirpy, sharp, simple and you know what, it is funny.  I find myself needing to present my first book as something I would read and I would read this, of course. 

It all started with just one line.  “BLINK and your in it.”  Then this book just happened. 

So as well as being a fun read,  I like to think I would inspire some of you to use one of the lines in this book to use as a Title for your very own book.  Good luck and if you feel sure send me a copy. 

Read on and enjoy. 

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ISBN: 978-1-921731-93-8 Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 78
  Non Fiction

Author: Kate Gibbs
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2011
Language: English




I would like to acknowledge that pressure can be tough but can occasionally be a good thing.  Spurring oneself on is drama at times.  In saying that, I want to thank two special people, who spoke the words I needed to hear to write this “The Book of Titles” for you all to enjoy.  Life is way too speedy.  Keep doing.  It is worth it.  Thank you boys.  I will also thank those of you who took the time to read this page and my book.  Have a great day and be kind to yourself. Approved!  

Herein lays my book, “The Book of Titles”.

Exciting and publish ready.   

“The Book of Titles” is just that, a book with titles in it giving you ideas for books that you can write yourself or you may just simply take this book and read.   Good fun page turning time. 

While reading, you will find that each line is the possible name of a book that of course you could write and turn in to your very own story. What is so wonderful is that throughout the pages there is a journey in itself to be had that will trigger thoughts within you and have you bursting with creativity and passion or just plain laughter.  

Poetic and life initiated.  This is a fun read and a quick pick me up and for those of you inclined a great place to find that title for your book.   

Read on.


A bit about the Author.


Kate Gibbs is now 39 and lives with her 14-year-old son in Queensland, Australia.  Her health is masterminded these days by care, love, good food and fitness. Her life has seen her through countless emotional and physical journeys. 

She has also had a full working life choosing careers in Hospitality, Medical, Advertising- newspapers and went on to become a trained Horticulturist and Swimming Coach.

Kate is an active, vibrant, fun, loyal and indelible person in your life, if you are lucky enough to have her in it. 

This book shows her spark and glimpses of her often misunderstood, quirky and sharp personality.   

Kate says: In the event that I had not achieved, the everyone has a book in them goal. I decided it best for me to get the lead off my chest and activate the brain enough to pleasantly surprise myself and write a book that would be a product of the person and the personality that I am.   

Being a book novice as I am and not interested in the consistent page turning involved in large novels, I find myself needing to present my first book as something I would read and I would read this.  

This book is a little gem. 

The “Book of Tiles” is quick, quirky, chirpy, sharp, smart, really simple and largely deserving of a sequel.   

Most of all it’s like me, always finding some fun. 


In my experience of life, I have found that trying anything once has TRIUMPHED over being too scared or picky, or even sensible for that matter.  I’ve led an amazing, some would say tumultuous life.  I’d call it falling on my feet BUT hard enough to result in many a stress fracture both in life and for those of you who know me well, my poor feet.


After suffering a life threatening medical illness in 2008, at the age of 37, it occurred to me that I suppose it would be reasonable to get a little bucket list completed.  I actually did not have one, so I started with just doing anything my body, life and circumstance would allow me. 

My son and I took an overseas holiday and we came back and I wrote this.  I have always enjoyed writing, bits and pieces in the diary or a journal entry, the odd poem or two and once upon a time entertained a story book for older children that my son and I would write. Six years on, we still have the two leading characters’ names.  The plot though is tight lipped.  One day he may write it. 

There was no big decision to write this book. 

It was a conversation I had with my son about how it would be great to just have a book with lines in it that could be book titles.  We both agreed that it would be interesting.  There is a lot of talk amongst people that everyone has a book in them. 

You hear people say, “someday I’ll write ‘The Book’.” 

Why not start today?  Here is your chance.  

I have written this book purely to entertain.  It is light-hearted and a bit of fun.  It is what I would read.  Growing up I admit I was a less than avid novel reader. I would not be sitting still long enough. I would prefer short and sweet, something a bit punchy but also a little informative and imaginative.  I hope this has some of those characteristics, maybe you will find it a bit thought provoking, witty or even charming.  It is for your information and to give you a laugh. 

It has been a pleasure and remember – improve today.

Make it count. 


Take a line out of here and write ‘The Book’.  

It would be interesting to see which line you pick for your title.  Let me know. Maybe I will even read it.  

The Book of Titles gives you all the titles you ever wanted and possibly those you don’t. 

All people – there’s that word again, ‘people’.  Very general.   

Says it all really. 

Everyone’s got a book in them. Yeah Yeah. Well here’s some options for those of you who think they are going to write THE BOOK, or just some unusually but not unusual titles, so you can write the book in your head or steal or plagiarize and write THE BOOK using a title from MY BOOK.  “The book of titles” by Kate Gibbs.  

From all the story ideas stemming from the ebb and flow of my life and the tedium of trying to write all the fabulous stories, I have decided that it would be easier for me and all of you out there who think that they could write these books themselves that you can use The Titles from MY BOOK and deduce the book content for me.   

Too easy. 

Have fun.  Oh! And good luck with your – THE BOOK.


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