I believe in love 

I believe in love! To be! The centre of all things! 


Created me…and held me!

Designed me…and shaped me!

Confused me, and misled me!

Enriched me…and established me! 

Love, is more! Then me!

A spirit, of soul, breathe! Within me! 

Obviously written from the author’s heart and personal experiences, this book will touch your feelings because it may apply to any one of us. 

We as humans need love, closeness and nurturing and it doesn’t matter that we may be the big brute footballer types, office mice or men who hide their feelings well…..guys, this book drains the swamp and lays everything bare. 

Your soul will benefit from reading through it and taking Ashley’s journey. 

If you feel a little drained after it, take heart – everything will get   better, and you will view the world and the fairer sex in a different light.  

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Format: A5 Paperback
Number of pages: 208
Genre: Non Fiction

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Also by Ashley Byrnes: Deceiving the Hearts of the Simple published by Poseidon Books.

Author: Ashley Byrnes
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2010
Language: English



A Memory

At times! When I’m just sitting! Writing! And thinking! Or just reflecting!
And when the night is very still!

This small silent voice! Within! Touches me! My mind, my soul, my spirit!

And as always! It brings, with it! The memory of, this baby child!

A baby...GIRL!

A memory within! Which! Brings! A sorrow within!

And tears! Of wanting, to my eyes!

And why is this? I do not know!
For the memory is as a cloudless sky! Like a picture! Upon a canvas!

That’s hidden, from my eyes!

But! I know I met her! And I know! I knew her!
And I know! I held her tight! And tickled the skin, upon her face!
As I looked deep! Into her eyes! With a smile, that said! She’s mine!

But! All is just a thought! A memory deep within!

Because I was way too young! To remember!

But! I know she is with me! I feel her every day!

And one day! I hope! To see her again!

My baby, sister
! Learna

A Note

 To all! That! Have loved! Felt love! Even, lost love!

Feelings of emotions! Desires! And fulfillment!

The feelings of such pleasure! And pain!


The pleasure of love! That ignites your every thought!

The emotions of pain! That refuels! To be loved again!


And for whatever! Reason! You have lost your way, with…love!

Through choices! Of bad love! Wrong love! And even, selfish love!


And through it all! Have…Forgotten! How, to…love!

Lost emotions, with…love! Just want to, be…loved!

Be assured! That love is still within! You all!

And love! Will, find…away!


But! It all begins! Within…you! And you alone!

For love is a deep, well! Within…as all!


Full of desire! Lust! Passion! And emotion!

And at times! Even, a whole lot of pain!


But! It is a need! A pleasure! That! Cannot be denied!

A place of wanting! Deep…within!


And it is an endless! Search! For us all!


So to live! In love again! You have to…search! Within!


Then…let it out! And let it…live!



The Journey of Self-Discovery!


The Journey of self! Discovery! And understanding who you are!


Only! Exist within…YOU!


Because every detail of the life! That you have lived! Breathed!

And experienced! And thought!


 Is, within…YOU!


You! Are, your life and memories! You! Are, your future! Dreams!


Every human attribute! With, emotion! And, spiritual…urge!


Comes, from…WITHIN!


 And only you! Have the power! To reshuffle! These cards!


And to replace them! Into a better order! Unto a brighter day!


 You only needto look! Within!


You! Yourself!





Let me hold your hand! Squeezing it gently!

Breathing life, with...YOU! Walking, beside...YOU! Dreaming...

Feeling...YOU! Next,! Wishing...YOU! Were...mine!


Seeing...YOU! Smile! OUCH! Touching me...within!

Want to know...YOU! What’s...behind the smile!

Your! Smile, is...WILD! SURREAL! Got me...DROOLING!

Want to know, what moves...YOU! The smile...within!

Capturing! Your life...within! Where! All your, smiles are made!


Want to know, all of...YOU! You’re...mind n life! EVERYTHING!

Through your eyes! All your love and dreams! FOR REAL!

I want to believe and dream, with...YOU!


Circling...YOU! Embracing! All that I can...see! Visualising!

It’s alarming! What I can...see! All your, beauty! Believe me!

It’s real! SURREAL!! Like, I’ve, never been...moved! Before!


Want to move...YOU! Deep, within! Capturing! Your...broken heart!

Taking, care of...YOU! Embracing...YOU! Loving...YOU!


You’re reflection! Illuminates! An amazing colour!

Unfolding your soul! With mine! Bringing life to...mine!


Got me...balancing! Your life with...mine! Thinking...?

Thoughts, growing! Embellished! With...YOU!

Knowing! You’re, lost n lonely! Like me! Helps me! Feel...YOU! More...


It’s like it’s meant! Boy meeting girl!

Letting nature! Do its...thing!


Believe me! Your! As beautiful as...nature! Itself!

Can’t stop! Wanting...YOU!



It’s been so long! Forever! Since I’ve felt...YOU! Truly! Known...YOU!

Looked! Upon...YOU! SMILED! Seen!

The true, reflection! Of...YOU! SHE! Within, my eyes! Reflecting...HER!


Circled! Encompassed! Your, body! With, mine!

Felt! The sweat! Upon, your skin! Kissed! Your, loving lips!

Felt! The eternal! Essence! Of...YOU! WITHIN!


It’s...SHE! Always! Remembering...YOU!

An eternal! IMAGE! All up in my, head! Captured! Deep, within!

Under! Lock and key!


Because! It’s, been so long! Since I’ve...Held, your hand! With, mine!

Seen! The smile, upon your face! Looking, back at me!

Held...YOU! Within, my mind! Searching...YOU! Through-out!

Touched! Your, tender...face! Kissed! Your, body...WILD!

Wrapped! My loving arms, around...YOU! Embracing, every...inch!


Far too long! Since, I’ve...Held your body! Entwined! With mine!

Felt! Your, delicate...legs! Wrapped, in mine! Feeling, every...TWIST!

 Held! Your love, with mine! SMILED! From, deep, within! Embraced!

The sweet! Taste! Of...SHE! The flavour! Of...HER! Enticing! ME!


It’s! Never, ending! With...HER! SHE’S! Always! On my mind!

Always! Can’t control! Always! Taking, hold! Of...ME!

Always! Apart! Of...ME!


Knowing! I will, always! Want...YOU! SHE! Forever!

Always! Captured! By...HER!


SHE’S! A natural thing! Exciting...ME! Nature! Doing, it’s...THING!

It’s...YOU! SHE! Breathing! Life! Around...ME!




You Decide


Love is truly, remarkable a place between…YOU! And I!

A place between a man and woman that only they can find!

A place of warmth a place with heat

A place that’s cold

A place of fear

A place to hold

A place we comfort

A place of lust passion desire

A place we all know a place only some know

A place to belong

A place to remember a place to surrender

A place to discover a place for a lover

A place I need

A place you want a place I want

A place of peace

A long never ending night

A place we meet a place we met

A place I see

A place within

A place somewhere a place to find

You and I on a high

A place to miss a place I miss

A place to kiss

A place to die a place to live!

A place a place a place

Where, We all! Truly! Want to build our lives!



 From the poet to you:

Hi my name is Ashley! And it’s a pleasure to meet…YOU!

I thank you; for taking the time to read my poetry!

My poetry! Comes from a life time of love pleasure and pain!

From a deep well within! A well! We all know too…well?

Feelings and emotions, within and throughout our lives! Living, deep within! Holding; love pleasure and pain! And all life’s regrets, at times! 

But! I hope by the end of my book; which is where we now read!

You have once again, looked within; felt within viewed throughout!

And rekindled the love once shared; once felt once lived! Once believed once owned! I hope you see; that it doesn’t matter where you are in life? Love! Still lives and breathes within, you today!

And love; will set you free, throughout! 

Hoping you enjoyed my poetry!

Feeling my soul within and the love throughout!

As you unfolded every page and word! Pleasure and pain!

Desire love and passion; within each page and scene!



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