“This is an account of one persons awakening to spirit.

It will touch and inspire you.”

“Margo has described her journey through much of this process and the pathway into the Divine psychology of awakening from the dream of illusion.”

“This is an account of stepping back from attachment to worldly desires, and has practical ideas for opening to the new thinking.”

“Forgiveness is the key to peace of mind.”

“This small book is full of gems for the path to enlightened thinking.”

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ISBN: 1-9208-8440-8
Format: A5

Number of pages: 78
Genre: Inspirational, non fiction, religion

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Author: Margo Knox 
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published: 2004
Language: English


About The Author 

 Margo Knox is a speaker and author, who teaches, meditation, communication through intuition and the miracle of forgiveness. She has run seminars and workshops.

She works as a healer and counsellor.

Margo has taught in Australia, New Zealand, USA and England. 

This small book is dedicated to A Course in Miracles, and the answers it gave me to questions that I had. It taught me true value through the experience of Forgiveness. 

I have not quoted from A Course in Miracles as the book as a whole is far more valuable as a total experience. 

This book is one person’s journey and I hope it will be of use to you as you go through the transition to thinking with the Universal power known as God, and awakening to that Grace and Love that is your true nature. 

In Gratitude  

Margo Knox 

Australia 2004

Chapter 1 (sample)



Heart opens like a flower to receiving all and giving to everything within it. This is the mind of true Love. 

I am here in this place because I decided to be. There is something I forgot.  A decision made in conjunction with the highest order. So now if I wish to return to understanding my connection to that highest order and am prepared to listen learn and do the lessons of spirit.  When the coordinates of all spheres are in place, the portal of my own knowing opens. That which I am and will always be. God bless everyone. 

There is a Love inside you that is all encompassing and will be with you forever. 

It is that Love opening in the full knowledge that it is time. For the great rays of the universe have decreed that I will join in on the fun of the cosmos, not sit at home in misery and worry. Come out to the streets of de-light and party. This Love of which I speak is a joy that both descends and ascends through the body, but is not of the body.


Ask for Help!   


In our desire to sometimes do things differently we forget that changing the already damaged system of thinking is useless. It needs to be swept clean.


This Love is experienced as happiness, and an energetic breaking apart of old systems of thinking and therefore behaviour. It reveals the longing that is deep down inside, for a truth that can only be known by me, as me.   


Angels hovered about waiting to be asked for service.


So I availed myself of their advice. It was right on my doorstep so to speak. The answers I got uplifted me to an opening where I could see with the spiritual eye and hear with the ear of correct understanding.

The world as such no longer gave me the love and satisfaction I craved and desired.


To think with spirit is to think with God and make way for peace and true knowledge.


This knowledge didn’t have anything to do with my past thinking or the ways in which I saw myself. All my ideas were erroneous. Yet in this dramatic statement was the paradox of my unfolding. Like a flower of the universe my true Self began to open the minute I let go my limited and small thinking.       

I asked for help!


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