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Mm, YEAH! Aw, girl, WOMAN!

Youve got me, wanting,

More n more of YOU!

Knowing; youre a dream, a SCENE!

I shouldnt have SEEN!

A fantasy for REAL!

A wonderland, paradise EXPLODING!

Expanding my sight, entering my EYES!

Showing me...? YOU!

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ISBN: 978-0-9954202-1-2    
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 250
Genre: Poetry

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Author: Ashley Byrnes
Imprint: Poseidon
Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2017
Language: English


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Its definitely in the way she smiles

Her sound; Hi, hello, how are you?

Mm, the angle of her mouth n lips

That cheeky grin

The lure of her open eyes, exposed

Every possibility thats lost n found, embraced.

While escaping her feline, feminine aroma, perfume, scent

That may exist; or not exist, throughout her presence

While resisting our boyish charm, behaviour

Within her mind n thoughts, involved, evolved

But always drawing us near, closer n closer

Enticing; every breath that we may take n hear n share.





Something New


Girl ... Ive got something new for YOU!

Hoping Ill connect with YOU! Finding your HEART!

Entering your soul, swimming DEEP!


Opening my eyes, taking a BREATH!

Seeing paradise n waterfalls, as Im touching YOU!


Wanting to get busy, with YOU!

Wanting, to love YOU!

Knowing what I WANT!

Mm, yeah ... its all of YOU!






The birth n rebirth of ONES SELF

Will always begin with YOU

And will also end with YOU.


You are the beginning n the END

The start n the FINISH

The alpha n the OMEGA.


The creation of EVOLUTION

An eternal need n DREAM

A product of your own DESIRES.


The eye n the TEAR

The arm n the HAND

The leg n its STRIDE.


The face with the SMILE


And what you now BECOME

Is entirely up to YOU

And you ONLY.


So make a CHOICE

Make a PLAN

And make it happen EVOLVE!!






Beauty ... isnt all about the colour of things

Its ... in the fragrance of you n I, ME

The depth of ones heart n soul, smile

The texture, balance of nature itself, ourselves.

All the love we receive, express, embraced n kissed.

Knowing ... I love you n you love me, WOW.

Friendship ... protecting tears n fears, dreams

While creating ... picture perfect scenes, between you n I.

As Im turning on the light, feeling your warmth

Knowing I care, I love you.


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